Weekend Update

Well, hello.   It has been a while.

All is well here.  Same old, same old.

I did finish up my dad’s taxes.  Not sure if I got them done correctly, but it was pretty close to what he had done in the past.  Just happy to check that off my list!  I’ve been down at the house a few times and am steadily making progress.  I’m now to the point of having 90% of the stuff moved out of the back of the house and it is all piled up in the front living room and family room.  Probably one more trip down there and I’ll have it all emptied out of the back.  I’m really hoping to have a garage/estate sale in the next few weeks but might have to just wait until mid-November.  That will give me a bit more time to get organized.  I only want to have one once down there.  We are also planning on having one at our home this weekend and I’ll take anything that doesn’t sell here down there.  After that, I’ll donate the rest of it.

On Wednesday morning I was a parent chaperon on my daughter’s 5th grade field trip to the Challenger Space Center in Peoria, AZ.  This was a field trip that I had hoped my older kids would have been able to do, but this was the first of my kids’ classes that made the trip.  I was supposed to be at a social gathering with my Journey’s group from church, but after being picked to go on the trip, decided to miss that in order to go on what will be one of the last remaining field trips for my last elementary school kid.


The kids were divided up into two “teams” and each had assigned jobs related to the mission.  One group went on a simulated space shuttle ride and then worked inside the IMG_0228.JPG (2)shuttle and the other group worked in mission control.  About halfway through, they IMG_0174switched the two groups around so they could see the jobs from a different perspective.  What an amazing experience.  It was very hands-on and a bit complicated – they really had to pay attention to details, read directions, listen, communicate, etc.  I would imagine even a group of adults would find it a bit challenging as well.  My daughter was on the “Isolation” team and had to use a robot arm to try to pick up items and then communicate her findings to mission control.  They used email, headsets, monitors….it was really cool.

I’ve had some good runs since I last posted.  Last Saturday, I ran 10 miles with the Runner’s Den training group.  That was the furthest I have gone in ages.  No major issues with it either.  I walked maybe 3 miles of it, in total.  I had some decent mid-week shorter runs.  I ran 2.5 miles at the high school track on Tuesday night before I had to go pick up from gymnastics.  Without looking at my Garmin but pushing pretty hard, I ran a 10:40 mile then another one at 11:22.  I feel like I’m getting back into the groove again.  I’d like to go all out in the next week or so and see how fast I can do one mile.  I did another 3 mile run in the neighborhood which felt good too – I’m enjoying listening to podcasts again and getting lots of good info, things to think about, and inspiration.  I’ll have to write about what I’ve been listening to in another post.  Then yesterday (Saturday) I ran 7 miles again with the Runner’s Den training group.  I was supposed to go 11 but I had to turn around early in order to make it home in time to get to my son’s football game.  I had a little excitement  though – as I was heading back in from my run around mile 6, I saw 2 coyotes come out from behind the trees that lined the left side of the canal and start walking towards me.  Because I had separated from the group to head back early, there were not many runners on that part of the canal.  It was a little creepy.  I know coyotes will aggressively go after small animals but I wasn’t too sure about humans.  I didn’t think they would – but I wasn’t sure.  I had nowhere to go though – a large block wall and trees to my left and the canal to my right.  So I sort of stopped and back-pedaled a bit.  I finally saw IMG_0313some runners heading my way and then I noticed a runner on the other side of the canal from me pick up a handful of rocks.  I was just glad I had someone as a “witness” if I became coyote meat.  I asked her if they would go after me and she said they most likely wouldn’t.  She had the rocks ready to throw towards them if they didn’t back off me – which I appreciated.  But, she was right, they were most likely much more scared of me than I was of them and they got off the canal path and went back behind the trees to pass me.  By then an older man had caught up to me on his run and he commented that they were really big ones.  I have seen them around the neighborhoods but couldn’t really comment on their size – they all look creepy to me.  So, anyway, I was happy to finish that run and head back to my car and get out of there!

IMG_0300.JPG (2)Then our Saturday got busy – As I mentioned, Nathan had a football game which was an hour away from our house.  The other team was really good but at least they got to play about 3/4 of the game before it was called because the other team had scored too many points.  <sigh>  He is enjoying playing wide receiver but they don’t get too many passes off so it is not too exciting.  Oh well.

And Sarah had her high school show choir performance for 4 days this week and we went to watch it as a family last night.  It was an amazing show.  There are something like 315 kids in the school’s 6 choirs (about 15-20% of the school participates).  The final show is today.  She has also started taking her driving training classes (gulp!).

My eating last weekend was awful but I straightened back up this week.  I’ve been really really wanting to dig into loads of crap this weekend too – I think the hectic nature of our schedule and the unsettled/unfinished business I have around here with the house, clutter, yard sales, etc. is working on me negatively too.  I justified a few things yesterday since I did have a 7 mile run but am watching it today.  It is such a battle.  Doesn’t help that I was asked to “make 100 desserts” for the high school kids for their youth group meeting tonight so I decided to bake brownies.  Why didn’t I just go buy a few dozen boxes of cookies?  At the rate the brownies are disappearing, I just might have to do that anyway.

I am supposed to weigh in on Thursday with Dr. Z.  I weighed in this morning at 178.5 which is much too high.  Ideally I need to lose 3.5 pounds before Thursday.  I doubt that is going to happen.  My first inclination is to reschedule my appointment – but that is really not a wise decision.  I just need to do my best this week and then go talk to him about it.  Overall, things are fitting quite well and I’m feeling stronger.  I just need to tighten things up because I feel like my weight is creeping up too much now.  So, I guess we’ll see what he thinks….





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3 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Lynn says:

    Let me know if you need a recipe that makes a bunch like 72 items … No bake … O’Henry bars .. Peanutbutter Rice Krispies type desert …. Easy and a lot


    • I thought about doing a Rice Krispy thing too. I ended up going to Costco then arriving at 5pm at St. Pat’s – BIG mistake. Left the car curbside and ran the cookies into the kitchen at Fenlon then escaped…. Now I have a double-pan of brownies in my house. Fortunately the kids are taking care of them pretty quickly…


  2. Lynn says:

    When I was out one morning I came head to head with a skunk … Did same thing … Back pedal and he ran off …


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