October Challenge

I belong to several Optifast Facebook pages but participate more in a group called Optifast Maintenance…those of us who have been there / done that for quite some time.

Many of us committed to work on a “challenge” for the month of October.  Since I really didn’t want to have a weight goal because I’m doing OK bouncing around in my range(s), I decided to put some focus back on my running since that is very quantifiable.  My fast one mile run earlier in the week was sort of part of that, but what I had committed to as part of the challenge was a 33:00 5K.  At the beginning of the month, I was still struggling to maintain a run without walk intervals for much longer than 3 miles.  So, my 9:43 mile that I ran on Tuesday was a sign that I had really made some headway this month.  Unfortunately, later in the week, I started coming down with whatever crud my oldest daughter has had – I felt really tired and was getting a sore throat.

On top of that, my husband’s flight was canceled and he was stuck out of town an extra night.  Not a big deal except I was really hoping to have our garage sale at our house on Friday morning and since there was heavy furniture to move – and I wasn’t feeling well – I IMG_0388.JPG (2)knew we’d have to push it to Saturday.  We have put this sale off more times than I could count – we just had to get it done.   So we spent Friday night getting organized for the sale then woke up at 6am on Saturday and finally got it done.  We got rid of most of the stuff but I had to post things on the Swip Swap Facebook sites to get a few of the large furniture pieces sold.  We still have a few things in our garage but, for the most part, we made a huge dent in it.  We started taking leftovers down to my dad’s house for the sale we will  have there and we also took 3 large bags to Goodwill.

We also had gymnastics practice to drive to, my oldest was working on a service project painting houses all day, and then my son had his football game at 11:30.  While one of us stayed home and worked the sale (usually my husband), I drove the kids around.  I think, in this case, I got the better deal.

I was able to take some cold medicine and a quick nap later that afternoon and then we all went to our friend’s house for their annual Halloween bash.  Last minute costume planning worked out pretty well – I was Wonder Woman and Paul dressed as Clark Kent/Superman.  It is so nice to be able to buy off-the-shelf Halloween costumes!

IMG_0375.JPG (2) IMG_0387.JPG (2)

So, one thing missing from my Saturday was my last long run with the Runner’s Den training group.  Since we had to push the garage sale to early Saturday morning, I decided to skip that and plan to run on Sunday morning.  I did sleep in a bit since it was a long night … and I was a bit hungover.  Still fighting off a sore throat, I headed out for a run of unplanned time or distance.  I just wanted to get something…anything… done.

I may have failed to mention that I am registered for a freaking half marathon this weekend!  Yes.  True story.  This registration was included for “free” with my training program with the Runner’s Den (and will actually conclude that training program).  We had the option to register for the 5K, 10K or half marathon so I just decided to go for the half, knowing I could drop it down later with no penalty (going from the 10K to half would have incurred a charge, however).  So my plan has been to just do the best I can with it.  I’m starting to worry a little though because I remember how incredibly sore I was after my first half last January – and I was very well trained for that.  The problem is that I have to run Ragnar Trail just 5 short days later…  I’m going to have to be really careful and not stupid about this.  I fully intend to walk a lot.  I’m definitely not going to be close to my one and only PR, so there is no point in pushing it.  I think a lot of people are going to be in the same position though.  It really has just cooled off here in the past few weeks and many of us just do not have the training in place yet.  I am registered for a few other half marathons this winter and spring and I just hope to improve a bit with each one.

OK, so all that to say, as I started running, I quickly realized that I probably shouldn’t have any strenuous runs the rest of the week since I am running the half in a week.   I’ll go for some short easy runs, but working on some “challenge” probably needed to happen right then.   Despite the hangover and sore throat, my run was feeling pretty good at that point and I was holding a 10:00/mi pretty easily.  So I decided then and there that I would give my 33:00 5K a shot.  I had some confidence from my run Tuesday, but I know how crappy I felt after that 9:43 mile that I would have to slow down and be ready for a fight with myself to go 5K at a faster than normal pace.

So, I almost made it.  33:06 was my 5K time.  I was pissed off to see those extra 6 seconds but I wasn’t going to let it bug me too much.  I got pretty damn close and I made huge improvements from October 1st to October 26th.  Very excited that I ran 3 sub 11:00 miles.  I’m gonna just call it a win and be happy.  I’m learning that pushing myself sucks but it does pay off – I can see it in the numbers already.

IMG_0393.JPG (2)


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