Ragnover.  It is real.  I felt it after the SoCal Ragnar, but I expected that because there was such a huge build up beforehand and we really did have a great time as a team.  To be honest, I wasn’t entirely fired up about Ragnar Trail because I was going to be with strangers that I had not even really met on-line – and I wasn’t so sure about trail running either.  I didn’t bond quite as closely with this group as our Solemates team (but I also realize that was a rare experience) but I really did like all of them and their energy.  I know I’ll see many of them again in the future.  I think I am just still on a high from the experience as a whole.  Maybe because I proved to myself that I could do hard things – in a kilt – in the desert – with strangers.  Maybe because I realize there are so many fun people and experiences out there and my new healthier lifestyle is exposing me to that more and more.  Maybe just being out in nature and not having a long to-do list was what I really needed.  Anyway, it has been hard to “come down” from the weekend.  I really enjoyed seeing Bonnie and Hilary – and getting to know Jessica.  It’s all … good.

One of my teammates, Elizabeth, put this great Flipagram video together from our team photos that just captured so much of the fun!

Kilty Pleasures Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountain

Moving on …. I have been trying to think of a way to display my race bibs and medals and I finally came up with a solution!  I posted this photo on Facebook and I was overwhelmed by comments.  So I thought I would share it here as well.  I have some old frames (from college I think!) – they are the kind that come in kits that you can get at Michael’s and you buy the widths and lengths separately.  I happened to have a 24″ x 36″ frame set in a black metal finish.  I went to Home Depot and got a pre-cut piece of pegboard.  I was hoping for white but the brown was the only size in the smaller dimension.  I did end up having to make the board shorter to fit my frame pack but I had my jigsaw out for another project so that just took a second to do.  I put the pegboard into the frame which gives it about a 3/4″ clearance to the back wall – enough for inserting pegboard hooks (which I also already had, but you can find them at Home Depot).  I purchased the R-U-N letters from Hobby Lobby for less than $5 total and put a quick paint finish on them.  I used screws and attached them through the back through the holes in the pegboard – ones that were just long enough to grab the letter but not poke through.  I hung it in my office to display my running swag and I like how it looks.  I can move the race bibs around and stack them as I want.  For now, I’m displaying the race bib with corresponding medal but eventually I can change the layout when I run out of room for that.  In the lower left corner I have a jar with a lid that attaches to the pegboard that I am storing the safety pins off the bibs.  I know I’ll probably need those pins in a hurry someday so I’ll have an easy place to find them.



So, back to reality … and laundry … and house work … and driving the kids everywhere.  I did a bunch of work at my dad’s house yesterday.  Also got back to Koko to work out and have been 95% good about sticking with my plan of high protein shakes, etc. and staying lean and green on my one meal.  The scale is dropping back to within my “new” green zone and I’m striving to head back those 5 pounds to my original goal, with the ultimate goal of reducing my body fat % through more weight loss (in other words, I’m focusing more on fat % than scale weight, once I get to my “original” goal weight).  Went back out on an easy 4 mile run this morning that felt anything but easy.


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