Wrapping Up 2014

It’s 1:30pm on New Year’s Eve afternoon and I’m still in my pajamas, bundled up at our cabin with a heated blanket, my doggie, a book, a Diet Pepsi, and a protein bar. We got to the cabin last night and I proclaimed that my only goal was to do nothing for 2 days. We will play games and do puzzles, but this is a time for recharging batteries for the upcoming New Year.

Arizona is being hit with a winter storm from top to bottom. From what I understand, back down in the “valley” (Phoenix) they are having some rain and even some snow in the northern parts of the city which are at a higher elevation. To the west of our cabin, in Flagstaff, they woke up to snow but it just started falling here about an hour ago. It is really coming down now though – so pretty. We are rarely here when it starts to fall, so this will be a treat. Hopefully we timed our visit to work out well with this storm. We decided to get up her yesterday to avoid traveling in the storm and that seems to have worked out. Hopefully by Friday when we plan to head back home, the roads will be safe enough. I think we’ll be fine.

Last night when we arrived it was very very cold. We turned on the heat but we noticed that after quite a while that the front part of our cabin was warming up but the back half was still really cold. I kept feeling the registers back there and they were cold and it didn’t seem like anything was blowing out. I’ve suspected that something has been going on with our heating system because our propane bills have been unusually high for as little as we use our cabin (we do have to keep the heat on low to keep the pipes from freezing if we don’t winterize). So, before the storm hit today, my husband just crawled underneath the cabin and discovered that half of the duct work had become disconnected and we were, indeed, blowing hot air to the outside world. Excellent. I wonder how long that has been going on. Anyway, he thinks he got it all re-attached and secured for now. Now we should be toastier as the storm hits.

It’s now 8:00pm. Took a few breaks to play some board and card games with the fam. The kids played in the snow. I did not. I did venture onto the porch in my pj’s to snap a few photos of our “winter wonderland” though.




But I did want to wrap up my feelings about 2014. On the whole, it was an amazingly great year. This is almost entirely because of my health, attitude, and activity though and not because of the events that took place. Losing my dad back in January was awful and it has been a difficult year picking up the pieces from that and taking care of my emotional health. But, overall, I think I knew I was going to be OK the whole time. I had hope, friends and family support, and I’ve been really fortunate to have grown a support network in the past couple of years that made even the worst times seem OK.

Some of the highlights:
I ran my first, second, and third half marathon in 2014.

I wrapped up a mile-a-day streak of 555 days on my 44th birthday in July.

I successfully completed 12 straight months of 12 Koko strength training sessions.

I have mostly maintained my weight loss. I am not near a scale today but I’ve probably gained between 5-10 pounds back from my initial weight loss. Not where I’d love to be, but at 1.75 years out from goal, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I can easily fit in all of my clothes I purchased.

I’ve opened myself up to new experiences and people and have met an amazing group of friends from my Ragnar SoCal team, my Solemates. I completed my first Ragnar relay race running as a team from Huntington Beach to San Diego.

I wore a kilt and camped in the desert, again with mostly strangers, and completed Ragnar Trail McDowell Mountain…another truly memorable and tough physical experience I’m so glad I did.

Other notable accomplishments / tasks:

Project managed our entire house remodel from top to bottom.

Sought out and followed through with grief counseling from hospice and a weight management psychologist.

Completed a 9 week program at our church, again meeting a new wonderful group of people to help me broaden my horizons and examine my spirituality. We got along so well that we will continue to meet regularly starting up again next week.

Cleaned out, boxed up and managed my parents’ estate. A huge task with tough emotional decisions. House renovations almost complete and readying the house to put on the market soon.

Got my 3 kids through another busy year of school (at 3 different schools!) and activities/sports/gymnastics travel/youth groups/plays and, hopefully, helped them continue to pursue their passions.

Whew! Just writing this all out helps me see that any missteps with my diet or exercise were, well, fine. Continued progress and mastery are all I can ask of myself.

I feel like I sort of “slid” into the end of the year and didn’t end it on a particularly great note but having the time here at the cabin has re-invigorated me to “dream big” again for 2015.

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions but I do like the idea of setting up some goals or things to work towards, especially now since I’m at a point where I need to create some new challenges (particularly with diet and exercise/running). I have a few things swirling around in my head. Hope to have the worked out in the next few days, and I’ll share some of the things I’m looking forward to this coming year.

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4 Responses to Wrapping Up 2014

  1. Lynn says:

    Have a happy and heathy new year


  2. Natalie says:

    Martha, thank you for your continued sharing of your life and adventures. I’ve been on OF since May and read your entire blog in about 2 days. Since then I check in regularly and appreciate hearing your adventures and continued successes. I decided last month to run a 1/2 marathon next summer and signed up this morning. Your blog is inspirational, as are you, and I hope you realize how much of a difference you make for so many! Happy New Year!


    • Natalie, thank you so much! Your note made my day! I’d love to hear about your Optifast progress and your running training! I’ve jokingly talked about getting an Optifast Ragnar team together because I know of a few runners now, maybe it will happen some day!


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