The Long Run

So next Sunday I am running my 4th half marathon.  I am, yet again, not really prepared for this one.  I wasn’t really sure what to do with my last weekend to prepare, so I went with my gut and did a long run/walk yesterday afternoon.  The biggest issue I’ve had in my last half marathon attempts has been my legs freaking out after 7.5 miles of running.  Several of my Solemate teammates suggested that I focus on intervals to hopefully prevent them from failing me – or at least slow the progression down.  Usually the weekend and week before a big, long race you are in taper mode – meaning you aren’t really pushing miles or effort in order to preserve your body for the race.  But I was also anxious to put some longer distances on my legs, knowing that it might help strengthen them a bit given the fact that I had a full week to recover.

I had a rare day on Sunday with really not much going on, so Paul and I drove down to my dad’s house.  He is doing a bit of work inside for me to get it ready to put on the market and yesterday planned to work there for a few hours.  I had him pull into a gas station about a mile away from the house and let me out so that I could head over to the greenbelt and start my run/walk.  The clouds were pretty heavy but it was fairly warm when the sun peeked out.  I was able to just wear a t-shirt and my running capris but I packed a long sleeve shirt in case the clouds really stayed put and brought the temps down – I knew I would be out for close to 3 hours and it looked like one of those days when anything could happen weather-wise. I wore my new Camelbak marathoner vest filled to keep me hydrated, packed some ShotBloks and a protein bar since I had not eaten yet, and headed out.  I was looking forward to this because I love the Scottsdale green belt and spent a lot of time there as a kid.  I just don’t have the time any more to ride my bike, rollerblade, or walk on it much any more – but once I started out I told myself that I should really take the kids out some day soon so they can go on a long bike ride.  How is it that we just don’t have time for that sort of thing?  Makes me sad.  I guess we have the time, we just don’t make it a priority.

Overpass at the halfway point of my run.

Overpass at the halfway point of my run.

Anyway, I decided to go 2.5 miles on the path heading south and then back for 5 miles – then head north 2.5 miles and back for another 5.  I was hoping for about 10 miles but it ended up being 11.25 by the time I finished and walked back to my dad’s house from there.  I ran about 1/3rd of it, I wanted to run some but, more importantly, I wanted to just get the miles done.  I realized that the paths are good for some hill training too.  There aren’t a lot of them, but the underpasses have some up

Tried to take some pictures of these swans - only to realize they were PLASTIC!  haha

Tried to take some pictures of these swans – only to realize they were PLASTIC! haha

and down parts that are a good little workout every mile or so.  It was fun to see all of the people out and about enjoying a beautiful Sunday.  There are playgrounds, a Frisbee golf courses, a regular golf course, and a city skate park along the way along with a few man-made lakes where it is popular to drive RC speedboats.  Definitely plenty of stuff to look at.

I’ve been dealing with a broken cell phone and trying to figure out the best way to replace it.  Meanwhile, I’ve been caught a few times with the phone shutting down because it thinks it is out of battery life when, in fact, it has plenty – even over 50% life – left.  Unfortunately, the only way to get it back on is to plug it in to a power source.  So, I was somewhat forced to carry a large battery charging pack in my vest  in case I lost power and needed to get hold of Paul.  I just didn’t want to be trapped out there somewhere in bad weather with a dead cell phone.  And, sure enough, at about mile 6, it did die and I was so glad I had carried that extra weight with me.  Plugging it in for a minute was enough to get the phone back and operational again for the rest of my run.  Today I spent about 4 hours back and forth with Verizon in their store and on the phone and finally have a new iPhone on it’s way.  Yay!

So, in other news, things are not going too well with my weight.  I can’t think of another time in maintenance when I’ve been so lost about what to do – so I’m not changing anything just yet.  Together with a few friends, we are supporting each other with our food logs and tracking – trying to keep each other accountable so we can reach our weight and fitness goals in 2015.  They’ve been very motivating and I have been really good about tracking my meals and inputting everything into MyFitnessPal – a habit I quit a long time ago.  Keeping my calorie balance near 1500 calories and rarely “eating” my exercise calories used to help me drop about .5 pounds every day or two.  So, I’m so disappointed to just watch my weight creep up by as much as a pound every single day.  In fact, I have weight chart 1_12_15gained a whopping 4 pounds this week!  I have NO explanation for this except for the possibility that getting back to weight training has increased some fluid retention.  I have been eating more non-processed foods instead of more processed meal replacements but I would think they would benefit me, not cause weight gain.  I know that I am not putting on pounds of fat, but this has been very discouraging and finally caused me to eat a bit off plan this weekend out of frustration.  I was so excited to have my weigh-in this Thursday and be down under my weight from last month but there is no way that is going to happen now.  I am noticing that when I finished Optifast and started maintenance I could drop pounds very quickly by watching my diet closely but it seems like it is getting harder and harder, if not impossible, to drop weight without meal replacements now.  I haven’t decided if I will cancel my weigh-in on Thursday or not.  I really want to give this more time and see if things start heading down.  I know the solution could be to go on full meal replacements again but I’m trying to see if I can do this without resorting to that time and time again.  Mathematically, I should be able to by eat  1500 calories, and running 3-4 miles to burn 300 calories and cause a calorie deficit to lose weight slowly.

0146d2f0e56cd8e6f7149ece9d95c8cb699cc4562fOtherwise, things are going pretty well.  We celebrated my son’s 14th birthday on Saturday night with a pretty fun casino game night with a few of his friends.  I had won a “dealer” at a silent auction at the high school choir concert and, unsure what to do with him/her, inquired about using

eye in the sky

eye in the sky

him for a teen birthday party.  The company was very accommodating and I think the boys had a great time playing (mostly blackjack but also some casino war and Texas hold ’em) for gift cards.  Unfortunately, we have quite a bit of leftover junk food and that is what I’m now having a hard time staying out of, especially since eating within a low calorie range is not helping.

The spread of junk food...

The spread of junk food…

So, I’ll post a bit more about the upcoming race in a few days. There are lots of neat things and meet-ups to look forward to!

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3 Responses to The Long Run

  1. Christy says:

    Egads! The body is a mystery, and I’m not quite sure I trust that I can eat as much as MyFitnessPal or the clinic says I can eat, even with exercise. I’m finding that I have to hover at 1200-1400 calories, which seems low. We will figure this out, chica! Thanks for posting about it since many of us are also struggling. I also wonder if our systems are still recovering from the full fast, and are just quick to absorb extra fat to return to past levels. Your head is in the game, and I know you will get down to where you are comfortable being. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and experiencing the awesome race this weekend! Christy


  2. Natalie says:

    Keep up the great work. You are taking care of yourself and are far more aware than you ever were before about the choices you are making. That being said, I wish I could say or do something to support you even more! I’m with you! I’ve been on Optifast since May, and in the past month and a half, we added a meal back in. I’ve always been allowed as many non-starchy veggies as I wanted. Well, the first 2 weeks on the new plan I lost 3 pounds, the next two weeks I GAINED 3.5 pounds, and I’m terrified to see what the last 2 weeks have done. I’m not cheating, I’m eating on plan, and I’m exercising and weight lifting 5x a week. I can’t imagine how I haven’t been loosing consistently, but in the past 3 months I’ve lost less than 10 pounds and it’s VERY frustrating to keep going. I’ve managed to say no to cheats, temptations, snacks, etc, but I’m almost at the point where I want to eat poorly because eating right doesn’t seem to be helping either! Sorry for making it about “me” but I just wanted you to know that I feel for you and so many of us are frustrated with things “not working” just like you are! I appreciate your public announcements and your willingness to be open, it makes me feel far less alone! Take care!


  3. Lynn says:

    Thanks for posting … Frustration seems to be the state …. I started weight training and modified walk/run schedule that is suppose to burn more fat …. Not working yet … Being out of town with upset stomach not helping …. Going to try a 90 day challenge to keep me focused past the frustration


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