Good morning.  The scale is down a pound this morning and I decided to keep my weigh-in appointment tomorrow with Dr. Z.  I want to come up with a plan to get down to 160 lbs., even though at this point I’ll also be thrilled to be down a few pounds to my moving-target goal weight (either 170lbs. or 175lbs.).

Last night before I went to bed I popped over to the Optifast Facebook page, I used to look at it fairly often but the questions and comments on there drove me crazy so I quit wasting my time.  There were a few before and after pictures in the first post or two so I spent a minute reading those.  Before I scrolled down much further, I recognized the name and story of another fellow Optifast Support/Maintenance group member.  So I kept scrolling down … and guess who I saw?  Me!

Screenshot 2015-01-13 23.06.30

Screenshot 2015-01-13 23.06.53

It looks like Optifast went back into the ‘New You Contest’ entries and crafted Facebook posts out of our stories and pictures.  The top photo is from my entry in 2014.  The bottom photo is from 2013, when I wasn’t quite at goal yet before the contest deadline.

The crazy thing was what I found after these – they actually posted my blog!  I was really surprised to see that they would promote it – I always wondered if they would have issues with it legally for using the Optifast name in the title.  I’m guessing they probably have read through it too if they publicized it.  Fine with me, I credit the product with a lot of good in my life.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 23.07.00

After a long string of days feeling like crap about my lack of progress, this was a nice boost.  I’ve come a long way and although I’m sort of having a minor self-correction at the moment, it’s all good.  Proud to be a #SuccessStory.


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8 Responses to #SuccessStory

  1. Danaina says:


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  2. Lynn says:

    Good for you …. I never entered any of these things after I l st my 89 pounds …. Glad you did


  3. llewellynsian says:

    I have been a lurker on your blog from when I discovered it looking for folks who did optimist. You’ve been quite a #successstory for me! I’m 10 pounds from my goal weight and feeling pretty good. It hasn’t been smooth sailing but its been consistent in the 10 months I’v been doing this. I should have told you this before; its been great to read about your progress.


  4. Carole from Canada's Nation Capitol says:

    Dear Martha, You sure are a SUCCESS story. Thanks for your blog you are really an inspiration to me.


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