Cookies & More Cookies

One of my annual volunteer activities is to be the “cookie mom” for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop.  Since I already had one daughter go through the cookie sales, when my youngest girl’s troop needed a volunteer, I offered to do it since I was pretty familiar with the process.  For about 6 weeks every year, the boxes of cookies take over our living room and garage.  The cookie distribution for the individual troops is my least favorite part of the process – and that was this morning, bright and early.  In order to pick up the cookies for your troop, you are required to turn in the name of the parent volunteer that is going to go down there at 7AM on a Sunday and distribute the cases of cookies.  I told them I would go this year since the parents in my troop were so kind to step in and take on that job last year when my dad was in the hospital.  So I went down to the middle school today where several large semi-truck trailers full of cases of cookies were waiting and several hundred parents unloaded pallets for about an hour.  Each troop is assigned a parking space, and each spot is loaded up with their cookie order (which I submitted sometime before Christmas).  Do you think I ordered enough Thin Mints?  Haha.  I was a little concerned when I saw that I had a wall of them versus what other troops had ordered!



The pallets are stacked really high with the cookies and most of the parents there were not tall enough to reach up to the top – therefore when they started pulling cases from lower stacks, the top cases were balancing precariously.  I finally decided that I was one of the tallest people so I got up on the pallet and started shifting the top boxes down lower to people – wow, what a workout.  My arms were getting pretty sore after a while of that!  After all the cookies are unloaded and sorted, we then return to our vehicles and get to pull into the parking lot and load up, which is another long process.  But at least when I got home, finally, at 9:30 AM, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I already had close to 5,000 steps for the day – and I had not done any real exercise yet.

Screenshot 2015-01-25 21.45.07

Cookie sorting on the left, 5K running on the right


After then distributing the cookie boxes to about 7 different girls in the troop, I finally was able to head out and complete Katie’s virtual Runs For Cookies 5K to help celebrate her birthday today.  When I registered last week, I set a time goal of 34:00.  It seemed like a possibility, but after I thought about it some, I realized it was probably a long shot.  I just haven’t been able to keep a sub 11:00 pace for anything more than a mile or two lately.  Adding in the fact that I’m back on Optifast and not consuming very many calories, and I’d already had a pretty long day, I wasn’t going to get disappointed if it didn’t work out.  But, I did tell myself that I would push really hard for a change.

The ranch at the end of my street.

The ranch at the end of my street.

It was about 75 beautiful degrees when I headed out.  I usually start running before I get to the end of my street but I didn’t want to have to pause my Garmin at the street light on the corner, so I decided to wait until I got past it before beginning the 5K.  Once there, I took off for the park and intended to just keep running around it until I reached 3.1 miles.  The park area has a wide flat sidewalk around the perimeter and it makes for a nice little “track”.  It’s about a mile all the way around.

Mile 1 was pretty good and I held a 10:40 pace.  But I knew I was starting to slow down and I needed to keep a 10:56 average for the full 3.1 miles if I was going to hit the goal time.  Mile 2 was 11:11 and then I was really feeling it.  My legs were actually pretty tight. My breathing was OK, but my heart rate was getting high.  I’ve been back on the phentermine appetite suppressant too and that doesn’t help my heart rate any either.  I have to take that into consideration.  Anyway, as I entered mile 3 I could tell I was going to be a tiny bit short, but I pushed hard knowing that this was the only way I was going to get faster in the future.  Running is such a mental game and I needed to work that part of it today too.

015f94cab31dbf545f16d4c67b081820c85747e8d7As I got to mile 2.5 I was near the starting corner of the park so I headed back towards home.  I didn’t want to get too far because there is an incline on the way back that would really kill me if I was trying to push to reach my goal.  I ended the 5K about a half mile from home, stopped my Garmin but turned on my heart rate monitor on my new Garmin Vivofit to capture the recovery as I walked the rest of the way back.  I love that I can capture my heart rate without having my gps on.  I think I might play around with it more during the day.

Heart rate captured right after stopping Garmin from 5K.  Wanted to observe recovery...

Heart rate captured right after stopping Garmin from 5K. Wanted to observe recovery…

I took this picture with my “race bib” to post to Katie’s Facebook page.  It was fun to read every one else’s virtual race reports – and I was thankful to see how warm it is here in Phoenix versus the snowy crap others were running in!


In other news, going back on Optifast this past week has been quite promising!  I lost over 5 pounds this week!  I was so glad to be back within my goal range so quickly.  I think a lot 0176577c67f85b2a87ea1599e1a3dd42148212ffa0of it was water weight, and I felt like I have just been retaining extra water lately.  There really was no explanation for that crazy weight gain in just a few short days with as few calories that I had been having.  Oddly enough, the day my period started, I dropped 3.1 pounds overnight.  So, I’ll be keeping really close tabs on my weight and see if I can observe a pattern.  I definitely don’t want to go weigh in during those crazy spikes!




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3 Responses to Cookies & More Cookies

  1. Lynn says:

    Great … I also did the 5k virtual for Run for Cookies …. Jogged the entire route …. Glad to see you lost 5 pounds to get back to goal …. Feeling the need to go back on Optifast …. Not enough courage to walk through the door yet ….


  2. I love that you were cookie mom on the Runs for Cookies 5K day! WTG!


  3. Karen says:

    Congrats on completing the run! I love your comment about running being a mental game…that is an area I need to improve as well!


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