Kiss Me I’m Irish

IMG_1713I had a tough but fun race today!  As an excuse to wear my kilt again after Ragnar Trail – and see some of my Kilty Pleasure teammates, I registered for the “Kiss Me I’m Irish” race.  Way back when I registered, I went ahead and signed up for the 17K since I thought that was what the majority of the KP folks were going to run…and, up until about 10 minutes before the start of the race, most of them were.  Well, I think last night’s trip to the bar took a few of them out pretty hard this morning, so all but 2 of us ended up running the 8K.  I drank water last night when I was out with my friends so I was OK to go.  I would prefer just running 8K, but I had 8 miles on my half marathon training schedule this weekend so decided I should stick with the 17K (which I thought was 10 miles).  Fortunately, a KP member that I met at Ragnar Trail, Darcy, was sticking with the 17K as well.  He told me that his plan was to stay with me, no matter what my pace.  I didn’t realize until we got started that this was his first regular race!  He had done two Ragnars (one trail, one road race) but that was it.  He also had not run more than 8 miles before in his life.  But I knew he was a much faster runner and I felt bad that he was going to be slowed down by me, but he was insistent that my pace was what he needed to day on this longer distance since he typically goes out too fast.

So, Darcy and I had an earlier start than the rest for our 17K.  The race began at 7:17am in the Westgate Entertainment Center in Glendale, AZ – which is about 30 minutes southwest of my house.  The Arizona Coyotes NHL team has their arena in this center and the Arizona Cardinals NFL stadium is next door.  The race wound around the two arenas as well as through some not so exciting farm land and parks.


If you look carefully, you can see LEG MUSCLES 🙂

Except for Ragnar Trail, this was the first time I have had someone to run with during a race – much less during any run.  Even though Darcy wanted me to go with my pace, I think having someone else along pushed me to keep from walking as much and go a bit faster.  We did take a few walk breaks, but overall, we were able to maintain a sub 12:00/mile pace (11:53 was a our final overall pace).  Up until the last couple of miles, we were in the 11:24/mile average.  My legs usually wear out around mile 8 so I wasn’t surprised the last 2 miles or so were very tough.  At about mile 9 I was about done and told IMG_1726Darcy we just had one more mile…and he said “you know, 17K is 10.6 miles, not 10.0?”  Um, no…I didn’t know that.  I thought when I quickly looked up the mileage conversion it was 10 even.  My legs were killing me as we ran into the finish area.  I was really happy and surprised to see my husband there on the side.  My son had a football game in the area so after he dropped him off for warm-ups, he decided to go down to Westgate and watch me finish.  He was able to get a photo of Darcy and I as we ran in, so that was fun.

IMG_1719After the finish we had a few minutes to join the KP clan for a quick green beer and a couple of photos.  I got to finally meet Meredith from the original From Fat to Finish Line team – I had run up next to her husband, Dave, during my half marathon in October but he was there also.  We couldn’t stay too long because my son’s game was starting.  It would have been a nice day to sit outside and drink a few more beers.  Always off to the next thing though…

IMG_1722 IMG_1724

Unfortunately, I have been eating completely off the rails since the race.  I cannot believe how much junk I have consumed.  I only burned like 1300 calories this morning – not 3000!  Ugh.  When will I learn?!?

Here are my splits from the run today.  It looks like if I had held on to this pace, I would have had a PR for the year but would still be slower than my first half last year.  I have lots of work to do if I want to hit the 2:25 mark in Indy!

Screenshot 2015-03-14 17.34.01


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