uturnI think I have made a “U-Turn” from my 2 weeks of crappy eating and just general feeling of being “lost”.  I’m still feeling a bit uncertain, but my mindset is waaaaay better now.

I just turned in my official cancellation of my membership at my gym (Koko Fit Club) so I am committing myself to working out at the big box gym for the foreseeable future.  Last week I did take another “muscle” class, which turned out to be a completely different kind of sucki-ness from the first class.  This one wasn’t necessarily a killer “muscle” workout, but it did involve more choreography, which I completely hate.  The workout was tough too, but mainly because there was a cardio component to it, and I wore out more from that then the actual strength training.  So that was a bit disappointing.  The next day I had a free consult with the personal trainer sales guy – also not a big fan of – but I did commit to a 3 month semi-private personal training package.  This was a bit of an impulse purchase but it seemed like a good compromise for my situation.  I really want to get comfortable over in the weight lifting / machine side of the gym and I know that me fumbling around with the cable weight machines might not be the best use of my time to get me to my goals.  It was also clear to me between the 45 minutes he had spent with me the prior week and the 2 “muscle” classes that I had taken, that there is a LOT to work on.  I also liked the idea of meeting some other people at the “semi-private” / small group personal training.  There are 4 options every day 6am, 9:30am, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm.  You can go an unlimited IMG_2926

The jagged lines in the middle were during the personal training session.  Pretty much higher than any running I did that morning!

The jagged lines in the middle were during the personal training session. Pretty much higher than any running I did that morning!

amount of times per month too – which I thought was nice.  So, the flexibility to make that work with my schedule was appealing.  I started with the first workout at 9:30am yesterday morning.  Well, I can’t say that I loved it but it was a good workout.  Also, this “small group” ended up being just me (so, yay!, private workout but, again, no contact with other people…) but then another lady joined after I had already gotten started.  The trainer was not very motivating or engaged, but he did kinda warm-up towards the end.  I hope it is not always going to be him, but I’m afraid it might be.  Needless to say, he about killed me.  We did burpees and squats, lunges with weights, things with ropes, box jumps, etc. – 3 times through the circuit.  I wore my heart rate monitor to see how close to cardiac arrest I was…no more than a good sprint, but it was definitely challenging!  Mr. Personal Trainer sales person guy had encouraged a 10 minute cardio equipment warm-up before this personal training and a good 30 minute cardio session (treadmill running, elliptical, etc.) afterward.  So I did get on the treadmill and run/walk for another 30 minutes.  It was a good workout and I burned over 600 calories according to my Garmin HRM.

Last week just about every muscle in my body was sore but today I feel pretty good except for some areas of my arms and sides of my chest/ribs.  We did a lot of squats in the classes and I think those muscles have recovered because yesterday’s squat sessions didn’t cause me to hurt today.  So, there is some progress.  I learned that there is quite a bit of calorie burning that takes place during muscle repair so if you feel that pain in the next day or so, you know you are getting some good benefit from your workout through repair and re-building of the muscle tissue.  Good information – makes being in pain a little more tolerable.

And, like in most instances when I get my exercise mojo back on track, the eating portion of the equation follows right back in line too.  This is really why I think they say exercise is so important in maintenance.  I started tracking my food again and I’m generally more interested in my protein/macro intake, etc.

IMG_2911Another helpful thing is that Erin’s Regional gymnastics competition is now behind me.  As much as I hate to admit it or believe that I let it bother me, the uncertainty that precedes the meet really messes with my stress level and my eating.  I know I try to calm that inner nervousness (or whatever it is) with food.  At the state meet she had qualified for Nationals on Trampoline, but had an uncharacteristic wipe-out on the Double-Mini event and her score was too low.  Two years ago she was faced with trying to qualify for Nationals on this same event and this year was the same situation.  Now, I’ve grown quite a bit since back then, and we had planned on making the trip to Nationals regardless of her qualification status in this 2nd event, but having that unresolved until the weekend was gnawing at me, stupid as that sounds.  Erin was pretty confident it was all going to work out (she has a pretty good track record with pulling out her best stuff when it really comes down to it), and I reassured her

5th out of 11

5th out of 11

countless times that it didn’t matter either way…that she had put the work in and sometimes we can’t predict how things will turn out.  I was honestly very proud at how far she has come this season and, truthfully, didn’t even know last fall if competing at a qualifying level for Nationals would be a possibility.  So, all that to say, she did great.  She did end up qualifying for the event she needed and she had beautiful routines/efforts on all 3 events.  She also qualified for Nationals on Tumbling, an event that has always been her least favorite and weakest, but she has made great strides in this season.  She won’t compete that at Nationals this year because they are not her Tumbling level at the meet we are going to.  (This is a Level 8-10 +Elite meet in North Carolina but the Level 5-7 meet is in Dallas in July – she competes Level 8 in Trampoline and Double-Mini but Level 6 in Tumbling).  But, it was nice to see her do well in Tumbling and it will give her some confidence for next season.

So, I’m moving ahead with working on building some muscle and just trying to improve incrementally along the way.  We’ll see how it goes!



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