New Habits

Starting to see some muscles...

Starting to see some muscles…

It has been over two weeks since I started with the semi-private personal training at the gym.  Although the format has been somewhat similar from session to session, the experience has been a bit different each time because the number of participants varies from 1 (just me) to as many as 7-8 in one class.  Somewhere in the middle seems to be the sweet spot – enough to get some help when I need it, but enough of a distraction for the trainer that I can slow down or ease up ever so slightly if I feel like I’m going to throw up.

I will admit, my feelings towards this training are already starting to change for the positive … well, at least I don’t have a nauseous feeling in my stomach when I think about it, unlike the feelings I had the first week. The first couple of workouts were so incredibly difficult, I couldn’t really imagine keeping this up for the long haul.  Hmmm…this sounds quite a bit like my first
few attempts at running….  The larger group training on a couple of the days was a good break for me.  I got an excellent workout in, but I was able to do have a bit more leeway in how it went.  I’m still not a huge fan of this personal trainer but I do find him to be getting a bit more encouraging and warming up a bit – probably because I am attending the sessions regularly and really trying to give it my all when I’m there.

Since these sessions are not inexpensive (although they are WAY cheaper than the cost of a regular private training session), I’m trying to write down all of the exercises that we do in each session.  I’m starting to get pretty comfortable in the free weight area of the gym where we are working out (it looks a bit like a CrossFit gym in this section) that I feel like at the end of 3 months, I’ll have a really good handle and repertoire of exercises and workout sessions that I can do in there by myself.

So I believe I have started a new healthy habit.  It also does not suck that my body is already feeling stronger and more fit – all over and not just my legs and arms.  I’m quickly realizing that my core is not all that strong and some exercises are almost impossible for me at this point until I can build it up more.  So, I have something to focus on.  I might invest in a few dumb bells and a Bosu balance trainer to keep at home too, now that I have a few ideas on exercises I can work on while I watch TV.

I am really excited/impressed at the calorie burn as measured by my heart rate monitor.  I wear the heart strap along with my Garmin Vivofit.  As soon as I start my 5-10 minute cardio warm-up on either a treadmill or elliptical before the training session, I start the heart rate monitor capture.  So the monitor records my warm-up, my strength training session, and then my cardio session afterward.  I also leave it on until I have driven myself home from the gym in order to capture my heart rate recovery.  I’m averaging about 600-700+ calories burned for my 1:15 workout.  Not a bad start to the day.

Like many things both new and out of our comfort zone, I fought against this (and questioned myself) in the beginning … but it is definitely getting easier.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the same workout without having the trainer involved, but I’ll have these 3 months to make that decision.  I can always try it on my own after 3 months and go back if I need to.  By then, it will be cooling off enough to add the outside running back into my routine.


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2 Responses to New Habits

  1. Christy says:

    Fantastic! My club offers group sessions, and I may have to look into that. Love your results!


  2. Carole says:

    Good for you Martha! Excellent you are already seeing results with your core. I exercise at home 4X/wk as I have an elliptical, weights, balls, etc. It is easier for me to sneak downstairs to my gym for a 45 minute to 1 hour of exercise during my day. My sessions are planned in my day’s schedule. In my gym there is a tv, a wall of mirrors, a fan and lots of room. I always take the portable phone in case of an emergency. My personal trainer is awesome I see her every 3 months, we have both seen an improvement in the last 16 months. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog. Your friend from Canada’s national capital who enjoys working out at home.


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