Hi everyone.  It has been almost 1 1/2 months since my last post.  I had good intentions, I guess I just needed an extended break from blogging.

The weeks leading up to our family vacation were really busy.  We were gone for 2 weeks and it took a lot of prep work to leave our home/dog for that long, along with planning our itinerary since we had many many stops (and, therefore, many many hotels, etc. to arrange).  Our trip was:

Richmond, VA -> Charlottesville, VA (Monticello) -> Greensboro, NC and surrounding cities (USA Gymnastics Trampoline Championships for my youngest, college tours for my oldest) -> Outer Banks, NC (swimming with sharks, unintentionally, and visiting my aunt and uncle) -> Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown -> Washington, DC (almost a full week of monuments, museums, walking and visiting with my cousins) -> Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home) -> Richmond, VA and home.  Here are some of my favorite photos:


4th of July fireworks from the National Mall


Erin competing at Nationals. So proud of her – she nailed all of her routines and tied for 17th out of 60 girls at her age and level.



Posing with TJ (Thomas Jefferson) at his home in Monticello



Inside the White House. Just one day after the 40 year ban on photography inside the House was lifted.

IMG_4598 IMG_3625 IMG_4531 IMG_4419 IMG_4318 IMG_4182 IMG_5414


Right before we left town I bought a selfie stick.  The kids were mostly horrified by me using it; however, we got some great family photos with ALL 5 of us in them.  I love being at a weight that I am not ashamed of and so happy to put ME in our photos of our family.

So, I guess I’ll go back to what I have missed and quickly summarize things…then try to fill in some missing pieces in future posts.


  • my oldest daughter completed all of her driving school training (which was fairly extensive) and my husband and I completed many many grey-hair inducing drives with her.  At the completion of all of that, she passed the driving school test with flying colors … and eventually the state DMV test as well, after a little hiccup along the way. 11696501_10207151620451396_5270276173667514258_o She got her license on Thursday and left town yesterday morning so we haven’t actually let her drive on her own yet.  I’m still thinking that will be a slow process.  She is also taking summer school at the local community college to get her 3rd year of HS Spanish out of the way to open up her schedule for a drama class next year.  She’s well on her way to completing it, but it took a while to get all of the red-tape cleared so she could begin.  And, she left this morning for a week in Ohio for a show choir camp – I’m sure this will be the highlight of her summer.
  • my son has been practicing with the high school freshman football team since the day after school got out.  They are at practice about 3-4 hours most evenings and it has 11430183_10206898821771587_5335894664207111714_nincluded both weight training, conditioning, and football drills.  They haven’t added equipment yet but the 100+ degree evenings are still tough on them.  He has decided to move from being a receiver to a lineman – which probably gives him the best chance of seeing some playing time although, until he grows more, that is probably still going to be limited.  He is enjoying it, nonetheless, and it gives him a break from the video games.  I am not too excited that the lineman coach tells him to “gain 50 pounds this summer” and encourages a diet of crap and milkshakes for him….dive1
  • my youngest daughter was busy getting ready to compete in gymnastics during the first part of our trip.  She also wanted to try diving lessons this summer so she spent about 4 weeks doing short lessons at
    our nearby city pool.  The conversion from the trampoline gymnastics to dive was pretty easy, after she learned a few basics.  I think this might be something she’ll continue with during the summers in order to have a “sport” for high school – don’t think they’ll be adding Trampoline to be an AIA sanctioned sport any time soon.

So, as you can tell, there was not a ton of downtime since school ended in late May.  In fact, I might even say I was more busy with them on “vacation”.

I am very very proud to say that I stuck with the semi-private training program 3 times/week at my new gym all the way until we left town.  When I last wrote, I was IMG_5104adjusting, but still kinda dreading the workouts.  Things did get a bit easier as time went on, although each and every workout took just about everything out of me.  I was starting to feel really muscle-y and strong – proud of keeping the commitment.  My running has
definitely tapered off to almost nothing, but that was part of the plan.  Any running that I do is typically on the treadmill and usually some sort of interval training.  The few times that I have run outside this summer felt pretty good though.  I’m losing a lot of my endurance but the cardio nature of my strength training has been helpful too.  I did go on one fun run in Washington, DC and ended up on the steps of the US Capitol…

Now, as for my weight, things got a little tricky.  The strength training sort of messed with my appetite and I was having a hard time understanding what was happening with the scale because I was constantly in some sort of muscle re-building (i.e. in pain) state while I was training so regularly.  I know from past experience that this tends to add some water weight.  I wasn’t weighing as often as I should.  I was also giving myself a bit more leeway with the eating as well.  My meal planning was pretty pathetic and we had a few meals out before we even left town.  When we left town, I weighed on our home scale and it was higher than it probably had ever been in maintenance.  But, it was the start of my monthly cycle so that was another factor.  The odd thing was that I was feeling better about my body and the ways my clothes were fitting than I had in a while.  Seeing the scale reflect exactly the opposite of how I was feeling wasn’t good.

I’ll probably talk more about our trip but it was both wonderful and exhausting.  We were on the go about 95% of the time.  I started out wanting to make healthy choices and exercise when I could – but as the days turned into weeks, I was making worse choices and was too exhausted to add in much extra exercise.  For example, most days were were already walking 17,000-20,000 steps and standing around quite a bit too.  So, I returned home weighing 1 pound more than I left…but I was already way above where I wanted to be.

I made the decision to get back on track immediately because I knew my carb-loving sugar addiction had been resurrected.  I had planned on going back on Optifast HP shakes but have not been down to SWLC to purchase them.  I have been using other similar protein shake substitutes and adding one protein/vegetable dinner in the evenings.  I have been keeping it pretty low carb since we got home in order to get back on track.  I have an appointment with Dr. Ziltzer scheduled for this Thursday that I will not reschedule (I’ve already re-scheduled once before we left town).  Based on the way the scale isn’t really moving down so far, I’m in for one hell of a gain when I go.  But, that’s OK.  I’m on the right path now.

On Friday I returned to the gym and got back into my workout.  I finished my 30 minutes of hell lying on my back gasping for air and trying not to throw up.  One other girl had also been gone for 2 weeks and she was next to me doing the same thing.  I tried to do cardio on the treadmill afterward but continued to feel awful (and sick) so I decided that it was best to call it good and work back up to the strength training/cardio combo again this week.  I thought maybe I had escaped any serious muscle pain from my layoff but I sadly misjudged the state of my body … the weekend brought back the familiar sore muscles in my legs that make stairs and sitting excruciating.  No pain, no gain.  No pain, no gain…

I’ll continue to talk more about my weight and my current exercise routine.  I bought a new toy, I’ll share all about that next time…


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One Response to Re-entry

  1. Carole says:

    happy to see that you are back in the saddle. continue the good work. you are an inspiration.


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