I Never Said It Would Be Easy

“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”

Mae West

Well, the increasing gap between blog posts is, unfortunately, also correlating to me continuing to struggle with my current weight.  I have been beyond frustrated lately and am finally getting back to basics today.  I went and picked up 3 boxes of Optifast HP and I’m committing to really focusing on my caloric intake for the immediate future to see if I can make some changes happen.  This has been further complicated by my monthly cycle which is really messed up lately and looking more and more like some sort of peri-menopause crap.  I can’t blame it for my weight gain, but it does make for some frustrating weigh-ins at times and is probably messing with my emotions as well.  All is still very good on the exercise front – in fact, I re-enrolled for 7 more months with the personal trainer so that I can continue on this positive trend of building more lean muscle and getting stronger.  The trainer that I started with “is no longer with the gym” but I now have 2-3 replacements that I do really like working out with.  They push me hard but also provide a bit of positive feedback and encouragement.  I have also been diligent in sticking with my half marathon training plan (more on that later) and have run every training run so far – all with good effort.

There seems to be quite a few people in my little Optifast/weight-loss world struggling a bit right now for various reasons.  Many have buckled down and gotten back to their doctor and re-started on products, etc. and are doing well.  I’m a little fortunate in that I have an on-going relationship with Dr. Ziltzer and I can just make an appointment and go from there, I don’t have to enroll in a prescribed 12 (or whatever)-week program.  So, today when I picked up the Optifast HP from Scottsdale Weight Loss, I went ahead and scheduled my appointment for next Thursday.  There will be no canceling or rescheduling.  Wherever I’m at, I’m at.

I also made a little pact with my Closer to Fit / Optifast Adventurer blogging friend, Christy, that we would return to blogging this week and try to post at least twice.  It keeps our head in the game and our mind focused on what we need to do.  The accountability and just processing with words does help to hone in on where our challenges are.

My clothes are still fitting pretty well so I’m not in too much trouble.  I’m just not liking the numbers on the scale – they aren’t any worse than last time I wrote, but I had really hoped that they would be back down by now.  I do know that I am sabotaging myself on the weekends.  I’ve been a little out of sorts with the back-to-school changes to our routine.  We are settling in a little better now that the kids are in their second week of classes.  Having 2 instead of 3 schools this year is nice.  I’m not as stressed out with my teen driver and, honestly, having her helping out with some of the driving duties has really eased my craziness.

So, look for more posts.  I have lots of updates and things going on, I just need to return to making the blogging a priority in my life.  I’m realizing how helpful it was in this whole process….




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One Response to I Never Said It Would Be Easy

  1. Amanda Cain says:

    You got this!! I am RE-committing to 20 weeks back on plan and handling business – the struggle is real!


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