Meeting Brennan

Well, I’m back from another lengthy blogging break.  I guess I am just not giving it the priority that I once did.  I am noticing as I lose focus on the things that helped me maintain my weight, it does become more of a struggle and I quickly fall back into bad habits…so I do need to circle back to this more often to keep my head in the right space.

Anyway, things are still about the same.  My weight is still up a bit but I’m fitting in my clothes pretty well and working hard to not add to those few extra pounds while slowly getting back to where I need to be.

For this post, I wanted to share an exciting event that happened on Sunday.  Almost 2 years ago, I was matched with my I Run 4 buddy, Brennan.  We have kept in touch several times a week through Facebook posts and his mom, DeAnn, often updates me on his therapies, challenges, and successes.


At the game with my not-so-mini-me, Sarah. She is currently a bit over 6′ tall….

This past weekend I had a trip planned with my oldest daughter to Dallas, TX to both visit my alma mater, SMU, for a tour but also to see some old college friends to celebrate Homecoming and the 100 year anniversary of the school.  We had a fun-filled weekend and it was so great to see the changes to the campus and share my years there with my daughter.  We spent most of Friday touring the campus with the admissions office, having lunch in the new beautiful student cafeteria, then a specialized tour within the engineering school finished off our afternoon.  On Saturday, the whole campus practically shut down and turned into a giant tail-gate-like party (minus the cars) … there were tents and parties on just about every square inch from the top of campus down to the southern border.  I

Selfie with the mascot. I do not loathe the camera any more!

Selfie with the mascot. I do not loathe the camera any more!

was at SMU during the so-call NCAA “death penalty” year and then when the gutted football program resumed my 2nd year, there was barely a bar-b-q tent to visit pre-game.  So, anyway, this celebration was nothing short of shocking (plus, they can have alcohol on campus now … it was completely dry when I was there … and they are taking full advantage of this change).  The game was really close and SMU almost pulled off an amazing upset but, sadly, lost by a few points with just seconds left in the game.  The fireworks show to celebrate the 100 year anniversary though was spectacular – quite possibly the best I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of good fireworks shows).  We ate at all of our favorite restaurants near campus and none of it was the slightest bit healthy.  I’ve been dreaming of re-visiting some of those places for a long time and just being there with my old roommates and friends made it even more enjoyable.

Prior to leaving on our trip, I had been talking to Brennan’s mom about potentially meeting up with them while we were in TX.  I couldn’t figure out a way to get to Houston

Hugging Brennan!

Hugging Brennan!

and back during the few hours we had that were unscheduled, but DeAnn was willing to drive Brennan up to Dallas.  I was really touched – that is

I can make shirts now!

I brought him a new shirt I made…I can make shirts now!

not a short drive (3-4 hours).  So, around lunch-time, I got the privilege of meeting Brennan at a Chili’s in north Dallas!  We had a nice lunch with him and his mom.  He was super shy at first but warmed up to us quickly.  He was playing the little trivia/video game console that they have on the table there which gave him something to do/talk about and broke the ice a bit.  After lunch we IMG_8057drove down the street to a nearby bowling alley.  Brennan had bowled with the Special Olympics and done very well last year so I knew this would be a good activity for us to share.  Brennan’s IMG_8028cerebral palsy and hemiplegia affects his left side, but his right side is very strong and controlled.  He is quite a tall, solid, and strong kid so bowling is a great sport for him.  His mom was a ringer and beat all of us but Brennan and I were pretty close in scoring…and he beat my 16 year old daughter in both games, which made him proud.  Sarah and I had plans back on IMG_8058campus at 5pm so we went to get some frozen yogurt for a quick wrap-up before we all had to leave.  It was a fast but great meet up!  I was glad to spend some time talking and getting to know DeAnn too…she is an amazing mom and spends just about every moment of her life dedicated to helping and advocating for her son.

Being Brennan’s runner has helped me stay connected with running, a sport which is very difficult mentally – almost more than physically.  I’m not sure if I would have kept it up this long if I didn’t have people and activities that are connected to running (like my Ragnar and Solemate friends) to bring me back in and yearning to be part of it still.  And because of him and running, I am keeping my weight off and remaining very healthy overall.

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