Shiny Object

Again, long delay(s) between posts.  I have obviously focused my energy elsewhere, which isn’t always a good thing.

But, all in all, things are pretty much the same.  My weight has drifted up above 180lbs, however, which is about 10 pounds higher than I would like.  But, I can confidently say at least 3-4 pounds of that is, indeed, muscle.  I have enough solid measurements on my Tanita scale to lead me to believe that is true.  I still, for the most part, fit in my clothes and I am seeing good definition in my arm and leg muscles.  I do know that my jeans are too tight though, so it’s not all great.  I have work to do.

I am also finally breaking through with my running a bit.  The consistency and cooler weather is helping that.  I am doing most of my mid-week runs (along with the strength training with the trainer at the gym) and driving down to south Scottsdale on Saturday mornings bright and early to run with Phoenix Fit for my half marathon training.  Two weeks ago I ran 8 miles and maintained less than a 12:30/mi overall pace and last Saturday I ran 9 miles doing the same.  If I can keep that up for 13.1, I should hit my goal of a 2:45 half marathon in Las Vegas for the Rock n’ Roll half.  I have lots to share about that so I’ll save that for another post.

I’ve struggled a lot lately with the lack of excitement in maintenance.  I miss the challenge of goal setting and am not terribly motivated by losing 5-10 pounds.  I think I just do better when I have a larger project or goal in the distance.  I’ve run a bunch of half marathons now, and although I’d like to get faster, I’m not really passionate about getting faster…probably because last time I put a ton of effort into decreasing my time, I really didn’t have much of a change.  I will, however, not stop running because there are just too many good things in my life because of it.  Whether I run a 10 minute mile or a 12 minute mile is kind of irrelevant at this point…as long as I keep running.


So, anyway, last night we had our monthly Success Club at Scottsdale Weight Loss.  Dr. Z was at this one along with Dr. Galper.  I brought up the fact that even though the first 1-2 years of weight maintenance are typically the hardest for most, I was probably struggling more now than I had during those 1-2 years.  I asked Dr. Galper (who has maintained her large weight loss for an amazing 20 years) what was up with that.  We sort of discussed my “Why?”, which is, at the moment, sort of collecting dust.  The theory of our discussion is that we are successful at weight loss and weight maintenance when we define what our “Why?”, or our “Shiny Object” that is dangling in front of us, is.  That has been one of my issues … I’ve settled into this new body of mine cholesterol graphand nothing is all that exciting right now.  My big “Shiny Object” was to get healthy and to have more energy for my family.  Well, that has definitely been accomplished.  In fact, I recently received my latest cholesterol screening results and I’m so happy that all continues to look good with that.  I absolutely love going to the doctor and not having my weight be brought up or even be there like the elephant in the room.  I also wanted to be able to shop in “normal” stores and buy cute clothes that fit.  For the most part, I can wear whatever I want now (for my advancing age anyway).  I do have some things to look forward to, and I’m grateful for that, but it is probably time to shake things up a bit.  I have know this for some time.  She suggested something to me that I’ve often thought about, and that is starting a local weight maintenance group.  There was definitely interest from the few members of the group that were in or entering the maintenance phase.  I do think we might move forward with that and I can be involved in starting it.  I felt a little spark.  I know for my continued success, I need to stay plugged into this process.  That includes not just in helping myself, but helping others.  That is why I started this blog and why I need to keep it up.  Sometimes it helps me, sometimes it helps someone else on the same path.

So, fun days are ahead.  I’ll be with many people who have successfully walked this path.  I know I will get re-energized.  Can’t wait to see what unfolds.



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4 Responses to Shiny Object

  1. Carole says:

    Hi Martha, Excellent idea of a maintenance group. In our Optifast900 class we were 24 participants, who participated in the 26 week core program. When maintenance came around some of us just wanted to keep in touch. We then created the OH Good Riddance private group on Facebook. The OH stands for Ottawa Hospital. We chat about what is on our minds, struggles, goals, defeats, wins, hopes, and any issues concerning us. Also we share quotes, recipes and physical and activity news. We also meet, just for coffee, about every 3 months just to keep in touch. For me, this maintenance group is part of my plan to succeed in keeping my body in check. I find that I’m not the only one who is struggling with a certain issue. Also, I find many new ideas of success that I can apply, some now and some later. We can all relate to this together. At the end of September we all met, minus one, and it was refreshing to chat in person and share a part of our lives that we don’t share with other people. OUR GROUP’S PHILOSOPHY is that we have not lost our weight we got rid of it, because if you loose it you will find it again. Best wishes in starting a maintenance group.


    • Great input, thanks! I love the private Facebook pages, I’m in some of them myself and it really is a good tool for people to stay connected when they can’t meet face to face. We’ll see how things go, I know it might be hard to gain any traction…but we’ll see!


  2. ctwally says:

    HI Martha,
    Thank you for continuing to share your journey. My week 2 meeting at Kaiser Weight Mgmt. is tonight and Optifast begins tomorrow. I’m nervous, scared, and excited. My husband and I are doing it together, but I’ll still need to feed the kids. I’ll be blogging our journey at (it’s a work in progress, but hopefully I’ll figure it out as I go). It felt cathartic just setting up the page. Best of luck to you!


    • Hi, thanks for your comment and best wishes as you start on this journey! That is very cool that you are doing this with your husband. That certainly would have added an interesting dynamic to the whole thing. I know feeding the kids can be stressful/challenging. I think the thing that worked well for me was to sit down at the beginning of the week (usually Sunday) and have the kids make some meal suggestions for the whole week – looking ahead at the events that were on the calendar for that week. There is nothing worse than standing in front of the fridge or pantry every night wondering what might “sound good” for someone else to eat. Having a fixed meal plan and grocery list just made it like any other household chore – like laundry – and took some of the temptation and cravings away. Maybe batch cooking at one time would be helpful too. Get it all ready at one time and then just warm it up. I still tried to sit down with them at meal time and have my bar or shake or whatever – that is important. Anyway, I look forward to reading your blog. Once you get it going I’ll try to remember to link it to mine.


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