Happy Trails, Again

So next weekend I am going to be in Las Vegas to run the Rock n’ Roll half marathon down the Strip at night.  Because I will be gone for 3 nights, I was disappointed to turn down an invitation to run the Ragnar Trail relay again this year with the super fun Kilty Pleasures team.  I am still very much a part of their active Facebook group though, so I was keeping tabs on their planning for the relay this weekend.  I also had Hilary and Jessica, my friends and teammates from last year, planning to fly out and stay at my house both before and after the race.  I did hope to get out to the Ragnar village to at least see everyone.

Well, about a month ago the Kilty Pleasures leader, Kat, posted a request for another

Kilty Pleasures 2014

Kilty Pleasures 2014

runner to fill an open spot that they had.  In the back of my mind, I knew this was a possible situation that would come up because Ragnar teams always seem to need runners at the last minute – and, all along, I thought if they got to that point, then I would probably go ahead and run…if the kids’ activities over the weekend would allow for me to disappear, again.  So, with Paul’s blessing, I took the open spot.  I was really glad that it worked out this way.  I was starting to feel like I had made a mistake by not signing up this year.

So, Hilary and Jessica get in tomorrow already!  We will probably wait until Friday morning to head out to the Ragnar village,

5 feet into our first loop.

Hilary, Bonnie, me and Jessica last year


although a lot of our team will camp out there overnight on Thursday.  The trail loops are, allegedly, a bit shorter and easier this year.  I hope so – especially since I have to run a half marathon 7 days later.  My right knee has been giving me a lot of problems lately – not so much when I run but often if I twist it or bend it in certain ways I’ll get a shooting pain through it.  I have somewhat determined that a lot of it is caused by tense muscles in my quad and calf so I’m trying to be diligent about foam rolling those areas…something I have never been good about doing.  Funny thing happened though, it actually felt better when I did.  Hmmmm.  Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be stubborn….  Anyway, running on the knee doesn’t hurt too badly but I’m a bit worried about running up and down the uneven mountain trails.  That could really be painful.  In other whining news, I’m getting over a small cold that has now settled into my chest.  I’m coughing a lot but hoping that my inhaler and maybe some Mucinex will make all the running bearable.  Temperatures have really dropped this week and we have had some rain.  The weekend forecast looks beautiful though, so it should be good for camping – although probably quite cold at night.

All I really know is last year I was sort of dreading Ragnar Trail.  I don’t particularly like running in the dark, on a rocky trail – uphill, and I don’t like port-a-potties or not showering for days.  I was also nervous about shacking up with 30 strangers and doing all of this.  But, during that weekend last year, this overwhelming sense of living…actually being ALIVE … came over me.  It was as if it was the culmination of my weight loss and running and just being open to crazy new stuff had led me to that crazy place in the desert.  Ragnar does a great job of creating a “village” and it is a neat escape from reality.  So, I’m hoping to get a bit of that feeling back again this weekend, and make new memories too.



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