Filling in the Gaps

I’m taking a few minutes to catch up on the weight-maintenance related (and life … ’cause it’s all weight-maintenance related in the end) events over the last couple of months since I’ve been pretty bad about keeping the blog up.

Looking back at old posts, I guess the last time I updated about weight related stuff was back in early January.  Right before I ran the RNR AZ half marathon, I did have an appointment with Dr. Z and was down to about 10 pounds within my goal range…which is pretty good since some of that gain is muscle, according to my scale.  Dr. Z is keeping me on the phentermine which I am finding to be helpful, especially lately.  In general, I’ve been struggling with just not really caring about my weight – getting lazy about it – and the phentermine sort of helps me from maybe doing more damage than I would do without being on it.  If that makes any sense…  I feel like when I’m not on it, there is very little from keeping me out of the pantry or fridge … boredom eating, stress eating – whatever – but when I remember to actually take the pill mid-day, I tend to not think much about eating.

But, as I usually do, after I go for my weigh in after being really on point for a couple of weeks leading up to my appointment, I back off a little and relax – and typically put on a couple of those pounds that I had just gotten off.  Thereby not making a whole lot of progress of getting back towards my goal.  And, as I’ll explain, most of the damage is done on the weekends and most of the weekends I have been running races.  When I run, particularly long distances, I create all kinds of eating allowances for myself.

img_1035So, I ran Rock n’ Roll Arizona, which I blogged about here.  A few days later my Solemate teammate, Dean (Running in the Fat Lane), was in town for a convention and was staying in downtown Phoenix.  I met him for dinner one night – it was great to catch up.  Dean is recovering from hip surgery but is starting to slowly get back to walking.  I know he’ll be crushing his goals sooner rather than later.

And later that same week,  I took Erin to Dallas to compete in the Dallas Cup with her gymnastics team.  I tried to be pretty good about the eating there – but Dallas is my college town and I just had to go get some of my img_1262favorites while there…  Erin did really well in competition and I had a great time hanging out with some of the other team parents – there was a bar conveniently located just a few yards away from both the hotel and competition arena so we were able to sneak away for a few hours during training one night.  I also

Hanging out with Nancy

Hanging out with Nancy

had a great time meeting up with Nancy, running friend to my running friends and my roommate from the Indy Mini marathon that I ran in Indianapolis last spring.  She lives about 5 minutes from where we were staying so she drove down for a long lunch and chat that lasted several more hours after we moved it over to the hotel bar.  It was great to see her – particularly because she has been on such a successful and inspirational weight loss/running/life journey and she shares her joy and passion about all of it with so many.

The following Sunday I somehow got talked into running the Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon (it was the first ever time this event had been run).  My Kilty Pleasures leader, img_1328Kat, had – with her magical powers – talked me into running it with her.  I only agreed because 1) I like Kat and 2) she promised meimg_1332 we would be running slowly and in run/walk intervals.  Knowing that I wanted to keep up my running and had not done much lately since the last half marathon, I agreed.  I so rarely get the opportunity to run with other people too.  Oh, and 3) there was a pretty nice jacket they were giving us with the race entry instead of another race t-shirt.  The start/finish of the race was in north Phoenix – somewhat west of my house – but not a terribly long drive.  I was getting over a cold,img_1330 however, and my sinuses and breathing were not favorable.  The parking was simple and it was easy for us to find each other.  Several other Kilty Pleasures members were running and 4 of us decided we would stick img_1331together for the whole race, which was even more fun.  Kat had her Garmin timer set on the intervals (2:1 I think) and we did that for the entire race – cussing loudly when her watch beeped and we had to run again.  It was pretty funny.  Surprisingly, our finish time wasn’t much slower than my RNR time – I think that is the power of intervals since we were probably running faster when we actually ran.  Since it was a ‘women’s half marathon’ the KP husbands stayed behindimg_1327 in the park and held all of our stuff for us.  After the race, Paul met me at the park and we drove to a bar further south and had beers and a big lunch with the group.  It was nice for Paul to get to meet some of the crazies I have spent time with – he’s met them a few times before, but briefly.

The following weekend I had 2 5K races on the calendar.  Both of these have been planned for quite some time, so that was OK.  The first one, on Saturday, was a img_1389fun run sponsoring and supporting our Paradise Valley Unified School District.  They have had this race for 5 or 6 years but this is the first year we haven’t had a sporting event on the calendar the same day.  The registration is ridiculously cheap for a timed event ($10 adults/ $5 kids) and the kids’ elementary school has won the largest participation award every single year.  So, we signed up the entire family and even Paul agreed to run his first 5K.  Sarah ended up having to take the ACT test that morning so couldn’t participate.  We started off at the high school where the older two go to school, ran the 5K through the neighborhood, and ended up back on the track.  Since I’ve gotten very sidetracked with all of the other races lately, I haven’t been working on my 5K sub 30:00 goal like I had hoped.  But, I gave the 5K a good solid effort and finished with a 33:36 – a 10:51/mi average.  Not great, not terrible.
img_1416Sunday morning was the Runner’s Den Pancake Run – a race where I got my 5K PR last img_1418year.  This race is nice because it also isn’t a far drive – the start and finish are at a nearby mall parking lot.  I had purchased, for $5, a second pancake breakfast and talked Erin into going to the race and eating with me afterward.  She was fine sitting at the race area by herself for that 30+ minutes I was out running.  We also ran into the kids’ Kindergarten / 1st grade teacher and her family – and met her father, Pete.  Turns out Pete is a bit of a celebrity at that race – he has run it for all 38 years of it’s existence.  He was wearing the race shirt for year #1.  Anyway, I ran pretty well again and my times were remarkably similar to the day before, which I thought was pretty funny.  In fact, I didn’t even look at my Garmin until after the first mile and I couldn’t believe that I was exactly 10:37 in the first mile both days.  After the race, Erin and I overindulged on IHOP pancakes with a bunch of toppings.



img_1500And then on February 14th I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Boyle, the founder of the ‘I Run 4’ group, at a meet-up of runner and buddies that he planned in Glendale, AZ.  He and his wife had come to town to run the IMS half marathon and celebrate the finish of Travis (Run Trav Run) at his half marathon.   Travis has an amazing story of recovery and running after being shot in the head on Phoenix street while driving to work.  Some of the first responders that were on the scene that day came to the gathering and spoke – it was pretty amazing.  I also got to meet some other ‘I Run 4’ runners and buddies – many had flown in for the race and/or the meet-up.

Let’s see…sprinkle in a few other gymnastics meets, a high school theater production in full swing that Sarah is performing in and Nathan is working as part of the lighting crew, choir concerts, a 5 day choir tour that Sarah went on to San Francisco – and getting her ready for that, ACT testing for college … etc. etc. etc.  It’s been busy-ness as usual around here!

Whew, I think if you include the Ragnar Del Sol posts, that catches us up to present day.  I’m going to work on cleaning up my diet, continuing to work out the strength training – which I have continued to do during all of this – and strive to reach my weight and running goals by April.






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4 Responses to Filling in the Gaps

  1. Shellie Guess says:

    I hope I find a passion in a form of exercise and enjoy it as much as you love marathons! Very inspiring!

    I have an Optifast question: I just finished 12 weeks of fasting yesterday! I tried to eat 3 ounces of a chicken breast, and I couldn’t do it. I ate half and then felt so full that I couldn’t even drink my water. It depressed me, and I’m hoping this is normal, as I haven’t had any food for 3 months. Did you encounter this as well? Thanks for your insight! 😊


    • Hi Shellie! Congrats on making it to 12 weeks. I’m trying to remember back when I started adding in food – I don’t think I got full on such a small amount but I do remember that smaller amounts of food were pretty filling. I don’t think what you experienced is all that uncommon. Were you only on shakes for those 12 weeks? I only did one shake a day and the rest bars…so I was probably more used to chewing and having ‘solid’ things in my stomach.
      As for the running – I don’t love running half marathons – I pretty much hate running that far … but, you can see that the races and people involved make it “fun” and worthwhile to maintain my weight loss and my health – and probably helps my sanity too.


      • Shellie says:

        Thanks for responding! I had 4 shakes and one bar a day (I couldn’t stand the soup, although others swear by it!) Chicken was the worst! But then I had fish (cod) and that was easier to eat and today I had ground turkey (by far the best) but I still can’t eat 3 ounces!

        Did your taste buds completely change?


      • Yes, my taste buds changed … for a while anyway. And I gained my appetite back too, unfortunately. I had some pizza tonight since I hiked a mountain and allegedly burned 1000 calories – but I could have eaten the entire pizza….
        I ate the soup for about 2 weeks and then couldn’t stand it any more – never had it again. My dr. let me do all bars if we took potassium supplements. I usually had 1 Optifast HP (high protein) shake every morning then all bars. I still start my morning off with some sort of high protein (20+ grams but not Optifast) just about every single day – 3 years later.


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