OMG It’s Working!

Just wanted to post a one week update on my progress since my appointment last week.

Things are going extremely well.  So well, in fact, that I wonder what I was doing so wrong before.  It doesn’t really seem like I’ve made too many changes, I guess it’s just subtle stuff that is helping – and, again, it is a ‘good time of the month’.  We had a nice Easter – pretty mellow.  Here are some photos of my big teenagers (and almost teenager) … and doggie … hunting for Easter eggs in our backyard.


My initial feelings of the Contrave drug are that it works pretty well.  I have not had any really bad cravings for much of anything.  I tend to get ‘munchie’ when I’m attempting to avoid tackling a project or chore that I’m not really into (or avoiding) and I can sense that maybe the edge is taken off of that.  I still find myself thinking about wandering into the kitchen, but no food really sounds all that great and then I get distracted and move on.  I’ve managed to make pretty good choices when confronted with restaurant or other situations.  So, that’s really good.  The negative is that, at least for the first few days, I wasn’t feeling so great after taking the Contrave.  I’ve been taking it after my morning workouts – so maybe around 11am or so – and around 1pm I have had a few days of feeling kinda crappy.  Not horrible, but a little nauseous and yucky/fuzzy.  It typically passes though within an hour or so.  I can’t say for sure that the drug is the cause of this, but it is suspicious since I can’t really recall having that issue recently.

The dropping down to 1200 calories has been a bit challenging and I find myself pretty hungry in the late evenings, but I’m getting through it.  I’m tracking extremely rigidly on MyFitnessPal and not eating any of my exercise calories back.  Some days this has taken me down to around a 400-600 calories net for the day.  Awfully low, and no surprise that I am hungry.  However, I’m not sure how accurate the exercise calorie factor really is either – although it is based on my actual heart rate, so that helps to improve that.

On top of the prescription meds and the lower calorie count, the other factor that is just as, if not more important is that I didn’t sabotage things over the weekend.  I think we often believe that we can “be good” all week and then whatever we do on a day or two over the weekend doesn’t really “count”…well, it does.  It keeps us from making any progress overall and wrecks whatever we did during the week.  Weekend in/out of that and the scale will start to creep up.  So, I need to recognize that a big factor in my progress over the past 7 days was that I got through the weekend sticking to this plan … Easter weekend too (!)Lots of goodies around me!

So, what has happened on the scale?  It has been amazing.  The pounds are flying off, rapidly.  Again, I think I have the benefit of the monthly cycle timing on my side too – because as I’m entering my suspected ovulation time, the scale stalled today, but here are the results so far:




5 pounds!  Woohoo!  More importantly, my clothes are loosening up nicely and I just feel better overall emotionally because I’m making some progress, something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

This little weight gain blip has taught me some lessons and I feel like I’m prepared to get back to business of weight maintenance when I get back down to my goal range – which is now within 10 pounds.  Although I’m successful right now, and I still have to get through my full cycle, which tends to throw me off, I feel confident – finally.  I do think that I can drop the Contrave when I get there…probably? … maybe?  And I will definitely need to up the overall calorie level to about 1500 again (and/or factor in some of those exercise calories) so that I can keep my fitness level.

Anyway, I’m loving the results so far.  We have a really big weekend ahead of us and I’ll have to remain focused.  I’m taking Erin to Tucson tonight for her state gymnastics championships tomorrow morning (fingers crossed!)  This event is for qualifying for the Nationals meet this summer and I would love to have that decided (for travel planning purposes) tomorrow.  My oldest is leaving on a college tour this weekend/Monday as well, so that’s added excitement.  I’ll try to update after my appointment next Thursday.


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5 Responses to OMG It’s Working!

  1. eegrl says:

    I just found your blog. I am just about to start my optifast journey as well at the end of April. I live in SoCal and I was driving home this afternoon and I happened to be right behind a Ragnar van. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story.


  2. Martha, you are an inspiration! I’m so glad you are having positive results again. I can’t wait to hear more good news from you!


    • Hi! Thanks for your posting! Glad this blog could be helpful to you. Many of my running friends that I met at Ragnar SoCal are out there running into San Diego this weekend. It’s a really fun race!! Best wishes on your weight loss/Optifast journey. I’d love to hear how things are going for you…please update me if you can!


    • Thank you! It’s so nice to see some changes. Gotta get through this weekend…
      I’ve been following your Optifast restart and I’m glad things are going well for you too. It’s definitely a process and we keep learning …


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