Spring Update

Wow, as usual, I’ve let quite a bit of time stretch between blog posts.

There are a lot of things going on, I’m not sure where to start… so this post may stretch into several.

img_2845In my last update, I was a week or so into my “renewed focus” on Contrave and my eating.  That was going along really well – my follow up appointment with Dr. Z was also good and I saw the weight loss on the scale I’ve been hoping for.  We decided to continue on this new course and he sent me off with a new scrip for a Contrave refill.  Things were looking good.  I scheduled my next appointment for 2 weeks out.

And then things fell apart.  I have no idea why, and that is what worries me.  It all happened right around the ‘time of the month’ and I know, especially lately, that has been a big source of my issues.  One thing I was not doing correctly was taking the Contrave as prescribed – I was supposed to be stepping up my dosage every week but, early on, I was having issues with being sort of nauseous/light-headed so I held off on upping the dosage until I was handling it better … and I did get used to it.  I then increased the dosage as prescribed – but it may have been too late to ‘help’ control my food cravings and f*%$ it attitude during that time.  So there’s that…

The week of my scheduled appointment was really busy and I was leaving for Vegas on the day after – so I pushed it out another 2 weeks.  Was I hiding from the scale?  Probably.  But, honestly, I had so much going on that week that I felt like I could probably use the time more wisely to get ready for the trip.  And, furthermore, I wanted to get more time with the full dosage of Contrave in my system so I could have a discussion with Dr. Z about whether or not I thought it was helping.  If I chose not to continue with the drug, I believe it is one of those that is not safe to quit cold turkey – so I wanted to learn how to wean myself back off of it.  I think the drug helps some, but I’m not sure if it is worth the expense and hassle to get refilled.  I haven’t noticed much effect on my thoughts, etc. outside of food, but sometimes I almost feel like it is removing all of the joy of eating good food so that even after I eat something I don’t really feel satisfied … and this leads me to maybe eat more or try something else to get that satisfaction … And, here it is folks, a classic example of emotional eating!

So, the other stuff that was keeping me busy …

Gymnastics meets have been in full swing.  My last post was the night before I left to take

Me with my state champion!

Me with my state champion!

Erin to her State meet down in Tucson.  I am happy to report that she took 1st place in all 3 of her events and, most importantly, qualified to compete at Nationals in June.  Yay!  It was close at one point because she almost fell, but she muscled through it and landed on her feet.  I was proud of her!

Our nephew was married in an out of town wedding the

My kiddos at the wedding.

My kiddos at the wedding.

following weekend and we had a great time.  The venue and everything about it was beautiful.  We stayed in a hotel south of Phoenix the night of the wedding, drove home (a little over an hour) Sunday afternoon, then

A beautiful day at the UofA

A beautiful day at the UofA

Monday morning at 6am Sarah and I drove back south 2.5 hours to Tucson (and home again that evening) to tour the University of Arizona Honors College.  We tend to butt heads quite a bit but I really enjoyed my time with her on that short trip.

We also traveled to Regionals in Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago and she did very well there.  She took 1st place on Trampoline against some great competition from SoCal, Hawaii, and

Regional Champion!

Regional Champion!

Nevada.  She placed 5th in Double-Mini trampoline, and an incredible 4th place against about 21 in Tumbling (which is not her best event).  So, lots to be happy about there.  It was a fun trip.  I took my son and his friend with us and we stayed at a timeshare type resort with pools/lazy river, etc.  Unfortunately we had quite a bit of rain but the boys didn’t mind staying in the hotel room and play on their phones with no interruptions for hours on end.

My oldest, Sarah, was born missing both of her lateral incisors (the tooth between the front tooth and the canine) – she inherited this family trait from my husband’s side of the family, I remind her.  We had to wait until she had mostly stopped growing (she is 17 now) before the periodontist would perform dental implant surgery on her.  She has had a clear plastic retainer with fake teeth holding the spots open since she was in middle school – and is pretty much more excited about getting her new teeth than a car.  Anyway, 2 weeks ago she had the procedure done (which involved bone grafts, etc.)  The periodontist was wonderful and she had very little post-operative pain.  She was also spared a lot of swelling and bruising, which she was warned about, and this was of utmost concern since the prom was one week away.

Sarah also went to prom while we were in Las Vegas.  My husband was hiking the Grand

My baby girl all grown up.

My baby girl all grown up.

Canyon simultaneously – so we were pretty nervous about leaving her home alone on such a big night, but we completely trust her.  Paul ended up getting home in time to see her back into the house at a reasonable hour.

Anyway, as you can see, I spent quite a bit of time on the road on short trips and that really threw my schedule off.  I used the trips as excuses to eat stuff that I wouldn’t eat at home.  This might be fine for one weekend – but this was like 3.  I had prepared foods along for the ride too – but it was more fun to hit a frozen yogurt shop, or breakfast joint …  Another issue with the Contrave is that it makes me pretty sleepy so I did not take it before making these long road trips – and then I would try to catch up on missing dosages later in the day.  This was a good choice but it didn’t help with controlling my cravings during times when I probably could have benefited from it.

But, I do have an appointment on Thursday that I have every intention of keeping – no matter where the scale is currently.  As of today, I’m back up to about where I was shortly after taking the Contrave.  186 lbs.  This is not where I was hoping to be.  *sigh*  I am on full Optifast products this week to try to reset my brain and cravings, hoping to drop at least 1-2 pounds before Thursday.  We shall see…


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