Social Media

A very long time ago, while I was driving a car full of boys to football practice, Dr. Z called my cell phone.  Since my phone is connected to the Bluetooth speakers in my car and I didn’t want to broadcast whatever conversation he wanted to have to a bunch of 14 year olds, I waited to call him back after I dropped them off.  Long story short(ish), he was calling to ask if I would be OK with them using my photo, etc. on their websites and ads.  I told him that I was up for doing whatever they wanted to do with my photo since he, and the entire practice, had changed my life for the better.

After a while, I didn’t really see any changes to their site so I figured they had decided to go a different direction.  No problem.  Then, one day I was on Facebook and the Scottsdale Weight Loss ads started appearing in my feed.  I think I had seen them before but I did notice that they looked different than what I had seen in the past – the start of a new social media campaign.  About that time I started seeing them on Instagram too … and I found, after clicking on the ad … myself.


I have absolutely no background in business or advertising but as a bit of a computer geek, I find social media ads pretty fascinating – if not a little creepy how suddenly after an internet search I am targeted for certain products and services.  These ads embedded in social media (like Facebook and Instagram) seem to be separate from the Scottsdale Weight Loss website – an ad campaign on their own.  Quite a few patients were featured on them, which I was glad to see.  My photo wasn’t on the ad that appeared in my feed – only embedded in the site that opened after someone clicked on it.

I did notice, sometime this past week, the actual SWLC website was updated.  And, there I am – in the upper left corner.  My lovely “before” picture on display in a large collage of other before/after photos.  This gift of weight loss and health is big enough that I’m totally OK with showing that photo publicly.  It is still kind of hard to look at, but I am reminded of how far I have come – and how much I don’t want to go back.  I’m glad that before person took a chance and went “all in”.  Maybe someone else will see those photos and realize they can do it too.



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