Day Tripping

It has been nice to re-connect with those of you that follow my blog and I thank you for reaching out.  I think there is so much value in a community – even a virtual one – that can relate on different levels to this journey.

Like most “first week” experiences when re-focusing on diet, my weight dropped very nicely.  I got excited that I could knock off these extra pounds quickly.  Well, now I’m in week 2, watching each and every calorie … getting back to running 3 miles 3 days this week and my weight has not budged.  I was sure I’d see a small drop this morning after reading the exact same weight for 4 straight days and today, I’ll admit I was super frustrated when I saw a 0.2 lb. increase.  I know, I know … patience.  This isn’t going to happen overnight, I have to remember that.

So I have a running joke with my husband that when we become “empty nesters” that we are going to be “kayakers”.  I don’t know where the hell I came up with this idea, but it seemed like a good activity that we could share together.  He has no interest in running and I don’t have a big interest in hiking (something he enjoys).  Last fall we had lunch with one of his now-retired co-workers and her husband and they were telling us about the kayaking trips that they go on – and it sounded like fun.  So, for Christmas, Paul got me a Groupon for a kayaking trip on the Verde River which is about 2 hours north of Phoenix.  And, we finally found an opportunity to sneak away for a day trip.

We dropped our youngest off at practice around 8am and headed north.  It has been about 115-119 degrees here in Phoenix so we were excited to get out of the crazy heat.  The kayak company is on the main street of a small town called Clarkdale, which is sort of sandwiched between some other small Arizona mining towns – Camp Verde, Cottonwood, and Jerome.  I don’t know that I’ve ever actually driven that far back into Cottonwood and Clarkdale but we decided we definitely need to go back.  The main street area is really cute – there are some wine tasting rooms and cool looking restaurants in the old “Route 66”-like buildings.

img_1711Anyway, the kayaking trip was great.  It was still really hot out but we loaded up with water and sunscreen and, once on the water, didn’t really feel it.  The Verde river is more like a little creek that you can kayak in.  There is really only one rapid and it is just a Class 1.  This made for a pretty relaxing float trip – knowing we were not going to have to conquer anything complicated.  We were on the water about 3 hours to go just 3.5 miles.  Someimg_1713 of the people in our party were a little slow with their paddles and, at the halfway point, we had to wait while our guides helped an older gentleman get off the river and picked up by their company’s van because he was having a hard time with the heat.

It was quite an arm workout since about 2/3 of a mile had very little current.  It was a fun way to exercise.  My Garmin kept beeping at me telling me to “Move!” and I wanted to drown it, haha.

When we were finished, we were taken by van back to the Clarkdale Kayak Company headquarters, which also has a bar and restaurant.  We had not eaten since about 10am (it was close to 3pm) and, as much as I wanted to stay on my diet plan, a salad after a day on the water just wasn’t gonna cut it.  I ordered a burger and fries but only ate the meat and about 1/4 of the fries.  It was an amazing burger and really hit the spot.  Probably more fat than I should have had but at least I didn’t eat the bun (which looked pretty yummy, actually).  We got back on the road to head home by 4pm.  So, all in all, it was just a nice way to spend the day.  We made plans to go back again with the kids – we think they would enjoy it.

Also important, active activities like this are why I want to keep the weight off.  There are weight restrictions for stuff like this, and I never want to be limited by that.  As much as I joke about our kayaking retirement years, it is important that I have my health and mobility when we get to that point.  Today helped me to keep that in the forefront of my mind.

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