Wow, sooooo frustrated right now.  Today marks 9 straight days without any scale movement, despite doing everything that used to send it downward, rapidly.  I’m used to a few days of this but NINE!?

Anyway, today I “ripped the Bandaid” off and went back to see Dr. Z.  Finally.  As expected, it was completely painless, he was glad to see me, we really didn’t discuss my current weight – just got caught up a bit.  He recommended that we try a different drug combo to see how things go.  I am willing to try whatever he suggests.  The new drug is pretty much a generic and doesn’t require a bunch of hoops to jump through to try, so I will give it a shot.

One of the biggest “fears” I had would be that my weigh-in paper, the one that follows me from the scale to exam room, would have a giant +20 pounds or whatever on it.  I just didn’t really want that to be the very first thing he sees as he is walking in.  I really like the medical assistant – she has been around a long time and I appreciate the consistency.  She is an integral part of the patient experience there – not just someone that weighs and charts.  They know how to make patients feel less embarrassed – because my chart just said “Restart” on the top.  This is a true statement.  I am not comparing myself to the past, although that past is very important in this story, it just isn’t where we are now.


So, armed with the new drugs and a new stock of meal replacements, I will attempt to navigate what will prove to be a challenging month of travel.  Tonight I head to Milwaukee (home of beer … and cheese) for gymnastics with my daughter and then our family vacation to Maui.  I do plan to watch what I eat but won’t be extremely restrictive.  I will take my running clothes to Hawaii and take advantage of what will possibly be the most beautiful running scenery on earth along the Kaanapali beach walk.  I am actually looking forward to the opportunity, hopefully it will be a tiny bit cooler.

So, I’ll probably update when I get some down-time because I’m finding that blogging is keeping my focused.  If I repeat most of the healthy habits that helped me be successful, then hopefully good things will happen.


The big picture… from day 1 to now.


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3 Responses to Restart

  1. Carole from Canada says:

    Go Martha you can do this. Stay strong and enjoy your holidays.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Restart! Love it!


  3. Marye Preisig says:

    Hi Martha……just thought I’d check to see if you wrote anything recently. I was thrilled to have 4 new entries to read! You’ve always been an inspiration to so many (including me), and I’m sure you will be again… can do this! RESTART is the perfect title for this new chapter in your life. I will be following your blog again and cheering you on, while drawing inspiration 🙂 Marye


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