Aloha!  I have returned from our wonderful family vacation to Maui.  The week prior to that I was in Milwaukee with my baby girl for her Trampoline & Tumbling Nationals.  She did not have a very good meet, but I wasn’t really expecting her to so it wasn’t disappointing.  She has been struggling lately and was just lucky to have qualified to be there competing.  So, for that, I was proud of her.  It was fun hanging out with her teammates and their parents.  I did have some meal replacements every day – but I also had more beer, cheese, and soft pretzels than I should have  Here are some photos of her competing:

Since she didn’t move on to Finals (only the top 8 out of 45 do), we were able to come home on Thursday night.  This was nice since we were leaving for Hawaii on Saturday morning.  I was also able to have a really nice visit with one of my dearest friends after she drove up from Chicago for dinner.  We got caught in a torrential downpour when we were walking back to the hotel – so bad that I had to desperately get an Uber for us after our umbrellas blew inside out and we could barely see in front of us from the rain.  So, because of that, we have no pictures together – we looked like hell.

Anyway, back to the Hawaii trip … we flew directly to Maui from Phoenix and, after a frustrating 2.5 hour wait for a rental car at the airport, we were on our way to paradise on Kaanapali Beach.  We stayed at the img_1842Marriott Maui Ocean Beach Club in an ocean front timeshare I was able to get on VRBO.  We were really happy with our room.  We had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a family room and kitchen (with washer/dryer).  We had 2 nice balconies that we could sit out on and watch the waves.  The first couple of days we spent a lot of time just decompressing on the beach.  img_1840It was really nice to not have a packed schedule or itinerary.  We had dinner reservations a few nights and went to a luau (hello, bottomless drinks!).  On the 4th of July we went out on a snorkel boat that sat in the water in the Lahaina harbor area so we cold watch the fireworks from Front St.  That was pretty fun except some lady on our cruise was really disappointed in just about everything and would not quit complaining.  It was super awkward because it was a small boat and we could all hear her.  The kids were mortified and I finally said something to her.


We (my husband) did drive the road to Hana and that was absolutely amazing.  We didn’t plan on going much more than 1/4 to 1/2 of the way there but, once we got going, we did go all the way to Hana and beyond.  We stopped at several areas to hike to waterfalls and the different beaches.  Those were nice little workouts after being in the car for so long.  I loved that I had the energy and stamina to do any and all of that.

When our week in paradise was over, we hopped on a plane for Oahu for a little over 24 hours.  Our main objective was to tour the Pearl Harbor memorial, which we did on img_2441Sunday afternoon.  It was a very moving and img_2426beautiful place.  It was a hassle to add that to our trip but I’m glad that we did.  We also had a bit of time to check out the Waikiki beach area of Honolulu but it was pretty busy and reminded me too much of being in Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  It was neat, but after the laid back days in Maui, it was a shock to our system.

So, I won’t bore you with any more details of our vacation, BUT I do want to share something BIG that I did in my next post!


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