Eve of 47

So I don’t have much to say, but in the interest of keeping up with my blogging, I thought I should write a post.  Tomorrow I turn 47 – what the hell?

Last week we took our daughter to Dallas for her college orientation.  Apparently these days they feel that parents also need a thorough orientation as well.  We had a very full schedule on Tuesday – 8am to 8pm(!) learning the ins and outs of the university, the resources available, helping us understand the course scheduling, etc.  I am glad we both went so that we were all on the same page about all things related to college life.  My husband did not live on campus when he was in college so I think he learned a lot about that side of things too.  As an alum of the university, it was super comforting to see some familiar faces – my daughter’s advisor was one of my professors 25 years ago!  Crazy.  In many ways it feels like I just graduated – walking around campus I felt like it wasn’t that long ago that I was doing the same thing.  But, in reality, it was close to 25 years ago that I graduated.  Again, tomorrow I turn 47 – what the hell?!

I am doing pretty well with the Metformin and phentermine combo.  I’m not having any side effects and really don’t notice much difference at all – except that my cravings and desire to eat are reduced.  I definitely overindulged while I was traveling in Dallas but I am more than ready to get back to some normalcy with my diet now that we are back home.  I go back to see Dr. Z already this week (that was a fast month!) and I know that I won’t be down any … but after 3 different trips and my birthday, if I’m within 5 pounds of where I was last month I’ll be happy.

I’m also officially starting half marathon training tomorrow.  I am registered for the Rock n’ Roll Vegas half marathon in November, Ragnar McDowell Mountain Trail, and the Rock n’ Roll Arizona half marathon in January.  So, I need to get in shape.  All of my leg muscles are so tight when I run, I need to get back into it sooner than later.

I’ll update after my appointment on Thursday!

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