Getting Back in the Groove

As I had hoped, actually staying home (not traveling) and getting back in a routine has done wonders for me.  I have been able to stay on my meal plan and, finally, get back to an exercise routine.  Several weeks ago I was very disappointed in my weight loss results despite eating so well.  It occurred to me recently that there is one big difference between what I was doing compared to what I was doing during my successful and rapid weight loss – and that is regular, consistent exercise and running.  I believe that weight loss is almost all from diet but the exercise component might be what will make the difference now.  We shall see.

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I am currently 16 weeks out from the Rock n’ Roll Vegas Half Marathon and I really wanted to run this one well trained.  I had such a good race last time I did this race – before the nasty wind and weather wrecked any hope of a PR.  I’d like to a redo.  I’m following Rik Akey’s plan that he created for the From Fat to Finish Line group.  There are quite a few people that will be in Vegas together using this plan so it is the one I went with this time.  In looking over it, it seems pretty manageable and the weekly miles are a bit easier than what I did last time I followed such a half marathon training plan.

Monday was my birthday and it seemed like a good day to take time for myself and put some time in at the gym.  I wanted to get 4.7 miles done for my 47th birthday and to knock out the 2 miles from this plan and see how it went.  I wanted to see if I could actually run 2 miles straight any more, really slowly if I needed to.  Last spring I was able to run a mile straight on a track but it was really rough and I didn’t think I could go one step further.  So, I put the treadmill on a pretty slow 4.5 mph to see if I could run at that slow pace for 2 miles straight.  I’m happy to report that I could!  That was just a huge win for me mentally!  Going 2 straight miles after such a long layoff gave me some hope.  Following the plan with 2 mile runs this week, I am increasing the speed by .1 mph each time.  So far I am up to 2 miles at 4.7 mph.  I would like to comfortably do them at an 11:00/mi pace (5.5 mph) in the next few weeks.

I also emailed the personal training sales guy at the gym to re-activate my semi-private personal training sessions that I had been doing prior to the teaching gig.  The plan I was on allowed me to put them on hold if I needed to but I had neglected to do that for a few months last fall hoping that I would get my act together and rejoin the classes.  Therefore I had several paid months where I had not gone to a single class – such a huge waste of money.  The sales guy noticed that I hadn’t signed in for any classes and was nice enough to set my “hold” back to when I actually attended my last class.  So, all that to say, I have 6 months of paid training waiting for me!  The classes were really tough but I had never felt so in shape as when I was doing them consistently.  I am nervous to dive back in but I know I need to.  Yesterday I was cross-training on the rowing machine and I saw my favorite trainer – he said he was still doing the classes and was looking forward to having me back.  That made me feel pretty good.

And then today I went to see Dr. Z.  The net weight gain in the past month was 2.5 pounds.  Ordinarily I would not be happy about this but this included 3 different trips (Milwaukee, Hawaii, and Dallas) and my birthday celebrations.  I feel like if I had not gone back to see him last month I would not have started on the new drugs, I probably would have made worse choices and … I probably would have added another 10 pounds.  I hate going there not having made any progress, but this is something that was keeping me from going to see him for months on end – which only made the situation worse.  We had a good visit and I assured him that I was now ready to tackle this weight gain.  I also got the opportunity to share all the medical saga from the past year (the ovary removal, endometriosis, and the genetic mutation finding with pancreatic cancer risks).  He agreed that taking the Metformin would not be contraindicated with all of that, but I just wanted to make sure.  He told me, and I know this, the best way for me to reduce my pancreatic cancer risk is to keep my weight in the healthy range.  Having him say that will stick with me though.  I need a good “why” in the forefront of my mind.

Being able to settle into a routine feels really good.  The more days I string together, the better I feel.


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One Response to Getting Back in the Groove

  1. Shari says:

    I’m so glad that you’re back to regular blogging! Your posts have been hugely inspirational for me, and even had me starting up as a beginner runner! Please keep up the great work. Your honesty about the challenges (and tedium) of maintenance is exactly what I needed to read.


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