Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  We went to see a band that I really like called DSB, a Journey “tribute” band at the Casino Arizona in Scottsdale.  We had a table for 6 at the casino showroom – had too many Michelob Ultras but it was a fun night.  After the show, the band does a meet and greet outside so I took a picture with the lead singer / “fake Steve Perry” Juan Del Castillo.  He really does sound like the real deal.  I told him I brought along some DSB virgins to the show and he was really nice and sweet.


Alright friends, I have put the last piece back in place of my weight loss / maintenance puzzle – the strength training.  As I mentioned last time, I spoke with my former trainer and trainer coordinator guy and got my membership re-instated so that I could resume the SPPT sessions.  SPPT at my gym stands for Semi-Private Personal Training.  There are 3 times per day that a trainer leads a small group through a training session.  Anyone that pays for this level of training can show up.  It is less expensive than personal training but, from what I can tell, essentially the same type of workout.  The monthly fee includes attending as many sessions as we want but, realistically, most people only manage 2-4 sessions/ week.  This was part of my routine for about 1 1/2 years prior to taking the teaching job.  At times we had a regular group of people – I think the most that ever attended at one time was 6 or 7 but usually it is a group of 2-4 of us.  Sometimes I even had a private session….which sounds nice but I like having a little break from the “focus” sometimes.  What has made it fun is that the trainers that do these sessions have all been really good (well, mostly – there were a few not-so-great ones but they didn’t last long).  What the vibe is good with the trainer and trainees, it makes it bearable.  Knowing that my favorite trainer, Nick, was still leading these classes made it much easier to come back.  I knew that he wouldn’t make me feel like crap.  I have seen him while at the gym lately and he knew and encouraged me to get back into it.  That all helps.

So today was day 1.  I signed into the book – my page was still there – and it has been 2 days short of 11 months since my last class.  Wow.  My workout was tough, I took it pretty


Post work-out exhaustion

easy too and Nick was easy on me.  He knows that I’m trying and he wants me to be safe.  There was another girl there that had a similar workout history and she was back after a layoff as well.  My main issue is that I get sort of nauseous when it gets tough like that so that really keeps me from going non-stop.  But I did all of the rotations, stopping to catch my breath when I had to, but worked through every stage.  These classes are only 30 minutes but that is plenty!

Just walking back into the weights area was a big step today.  After all this time that half of the gym still intimidates me – but it was all OK.  I just need to keep it up!


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4 Responses to SPPT

  1. Carole from Canada says:

    Bravo Martha!


  2. Natalie says:

    So glad you are posting again! Missed your updates!


  3. RatherBLakeside says:

    You are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Would you be willing to share the name of your gym? I’m doing the Optifast program in Scottsdale and would love to start a small group strength training class. Thanks.


    • Hi, thanks for your comment! Mountainside Fitness (I go to the Desert Ridge location) has the semi-private personal training sessions (SPPT). I think at one point I heard they were the only MSF that did that, but maybe others have added it. I got back into it after my year of teaching but my substitute assignment took me out of it again. Planning on finishing up my contract with them after my 2 races the next couple of weeks.


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