Hoop Dreams

The following has nothing to do with weight loss or maintenance.  Or, maybe it has everything to do with it….

We had one other house before we moved into the one we are currently in.  After the birth of our 3rd child (and probably for close to a year before that) we were on what seemed like a never-ending search for the home, maybe not our “forever home”, but the home where we would spend most of our years as a family.  Paul and I both lived our entire childhood years in the same homes – our parents never moved while we were growing up.  So, we were very picky as we searched.  It didn’t help that these were the years of the housing boom and most real estate transactions and decisions had to be made in a matter of hours, not days.

On my personal wish list for our home was a large, flat concrete driveway where we could install a basketball pole and hoop.  Our previous home had home owners’ association rules that wouldn’t allow that but, even if it had, our driveway was sloped and had an aggregate concrete surface that would have been terrible for a basketball or basketball game.  When we finally found our current house, I was thrilled that not only did it meet the requirements of location, bedroom count, layout, etc., it also had a basketball hoop worthy driveway.

Before long after we were settled in and took care of the necessities, we had professional installers putting in a hoop with glass backboard.  My older daughter played some basketball for a while, including 2 years in high school, and my son played in a competitive semi-club league for close to 5 years.  I can’t say that we used the hoop a ton, but it definitely got used and I loved hearing the basketball outside when the kids were a younger.  Sometimes, on cooler evenings, we would just hang out on the driveway and shoot hoops together.  As my kids’ passions turned to other sports and activities, the hoop stood mostly unused the past few years, like many do.  But it felt like a “part” of our home and, for some weird reason, it just made me happy to have it.  I don’t know if we’ll have this home as our kids start their own families, but I guess I thought maybe we’d use the basketball hoop again with our grandkids someday.

Fast forward to several weeks ago, right as we were getting ready to leave town to visit TX with our daughter for college … our neighborhood was hit by a crazy microburst and monsoon storm.  While we were out in the backyard scrambling to gather up pool towels and other soon-to-be projectiles from the yard, we heard a really loud crash in the front yard.  My son and I ran out front and in the crazy wind and rain, we saw this:


That would be our truck, on our driveway, with our neighbor’s tree on top of it.

And the next morning, we have this:

So, the basketball hoop probably saved the truck from being crushed.  But the backboard was completely shattered and the entire thing was bent and folded beyond repair.  The truck bed was damaged, and we just got it back from being repaired minus our $1000 deductible.  I think it is a bummer that our neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover the damage to our property, but that is another discussion.  They have been very kind, apologetic, and have paid for a lot of this mess.


But, this is what is left of our hoop.  There is glass everywhere.  We are still finding it across the yard.  Last week our neighbors paid to have a company come over and pull the pole and concrete out of our yard.  It was quite a job and took jackhammers and a small bulldozer.  We are left with a little patch of dirt.  Our houses look weird – the giant tree next door is gone.  The hoop in our driveway is gone.  It just looks empty.   We didn’t pursue having the hoop replaced because we assumed that would fall under our homeowner’s insurance and not the auto insurance … and therefore, be another $1000 deductible.  Since we aren’t using the hoop now, it would be silly to put another new one in.

So, I’m not crying or losing sleep over this but the timing is weird.  Every time I pull into our driveway, I am reminded of the passing of time, the “moving on” to a new phase of our life … and this is all happening as we are getting ready to take Sarah to college.  Now that is a BIG emotional thing – the stupid basketball hoop is a physical reminder that the kids are growing up … moving on.   And the dirt hole in our front yard is just reminding me that times are a changin’…


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Just posting to say that I have nothing to post.  My weight could not be more stagnant.  I seem to weigh within the same 0.2-0.4 lb. range day in and day out – no matter what I do.  It is almost amusing now.  I guess I’m glad that I’m not packing on the pounds, but I really expected to be steadily declining since my eating has been on track and I’m exercising now.  I’ll stay the course…

School starts this week for my 2nd and 3rd child.  They have their schedules and are old enough to mostly be dreading the start of the grind.  My son is now deep into football workouts and adding his very intense class load (4 AP classes) should, to be honest, suck for him.  My little gymnast is venturing into the show choir experience in middle school (like her big sister), so I’m excited to see if she enjoys that this year.  The big thing we are waiting for, however, is departing with our oldest to Dallas next week to move her into her freshman dorm.  I’m super excited for her but dreading the “ugly cry” as I leave her on campus and we fly home without her.  I’m tearing up now just typing that…

In addition to school starting for my own kids, it is not starting for me, the teacher.  I wondered if I would be bummed that I had not committed to another year.  Um…no.  I am even more sure of my decision right now.  I do have all of my paperwork in to be a substitute teacher so we’ll see if I pick up any dates doing that.  It would be fun to see my old students but not spend my nights creating lessons and grading…

I only went to one SPPT workout last week due to some meetings on our calendar, but I actually couldn’t even walk for a couple of days after the first workout anyway.  I did keep up with the running training though and move on to week 3 of half marathon training this week.  I’m trying to stay consistent but forgiving.  Today I went back to my SPPT workout with Nick the trainer.  I was the only one there … so the “semi-private” workout was “private”.  I had to stop and modify every few minutes.  I am soooo out of shape.  Nick was nice about it and remained encouraging but we both know I’m a long way from where I had been.  He said he saw an improvement over just last week though.  Hopefully I’ll be less sore than I was after the last workout and this will all continue to get easier.

img_2731Spent a quick 24 hours at our cabin this weekend.  I did quite a bit of walking and did my 3 mile run Sunday morning around the area.  It was nice to run outside, although the altitude and hills made it pretty challenging!

Monday night I attended the Success Club at SWLC.  I was, for a while, the only “old-timer” there but another veteran showed up later on.  These meetings are mostly for the newer people to get questions answered by the docs.  I just try to contribute to questions about maintenance or personal experience.  Whenever someone expresses an interest in running or exercise I usually chime in about that as well.  I probably scare some of the them when they see the realities of struggling with maintenance.  I think they need to see that this process and the continued work is part of  “the journey”.

I weigh in with the medical assistant on Thursday.  At this point, I’ll be thrilled if I’ve lost one pound.  Wow, my expectations have changed…

So, I have to say I’m in a weird sort of limbo.  I’m not really sure what my next step will be professionally.  Many things are changing in my little world, especially with my daughter leaving home.  Change is coming, like it or not – it’s a good time to be very mindful of how it is all impacting me.

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